2K14 SUM Week 3 Player AwardsFBNYC, 7.20.14

Jason Crowell (MBX) | 4th Season
9.0 3.0 3.0
Pos: G, Ht: 6-1, Ht: 160 lbs

Crowell dominated on both sides of the ball in a surprising win. Not surprising that they won, but that it was this dominant a win. Much of that is due to Crowel's high intensity throughout.

R-Up: Zack Simmons (SEA) 42 pts, 7 3FGs, 10 reb
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Ian Yu (REN) 11 pts, 15 reb, 11 ast

His team hasn't looked great yet, not a contender, but that doesn't mean Yu isn't putting in work. This is his first career triple-double.
R-Up: Seamus McKiernan (GOA) 19 reb, 6 stl, 2 blk
Wat Misaka Defensive Player of the Week

Askia Davis (MBX) 13 reb, 2 stl, 7 blk

This should be a testament to MBX's defense as a whole, but Davis was the catalyst for everything, by all but shutting down the payment vs GOA.

Runner-Up: Will Haile (FBN) 6 reb, 2 stl, 6 blk
The High-5 Club

Michael Beal (BBR) 6-5-1-2-3
Jason Crowell (MBX) 32-9-3-3-3
Askia Davis (MBX) 20-13-3-2-7
Garrett James (FBN) 34-7-1-2-1
Seamus McKiernan (GOA) 25-19-5-6-2
Ben Perkins (TOP) 13-2-2-2-2
Ace Pidoriano (SEA) 14-12-1-1-2
Calvin Rodman (FAS) 14-7-1-1-2
Mike Salerno (BBR) 2-13-3-1-1
Zack Simmons (BBR) 42-10-1-2-1
Elijah St. Hilaire (REN) 22-9-1-2-6
Michael Webster (FAS) 5-5-1-2-1
Spot Dessert Bar™ Rookie of the Week

Keegan Pieri (TOP) 38 pts, 15 reb

The mobile big man has a soft touch from 15-18' and range out to the 3pt line. We don't know where he's from, but he lit up the defending champs.

R-Up: Seamus McKiernan (GOA) 25 pts, 19 reb

The "John Starks" Award

D. Dimitro. (SEA) | 5-19 FGs (.263)

They got the win so they won't sweat this one too much, they need their rookie big man to shoot. He brings another versatile (F) to the roster.

Dishonorable Mention: D. Stanojevic (GOA) 4-16 FG
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Free Agents (FAS) | 7-23 FTs (.304)

Considering they lost their game, but just 6 pts, this FT shooting is just a travesty. 16 misses, just making half of them would have changed things.

Dishonorable Mention: None like this...

The FBNYC Top 10 (Jun 30 - Jul 13)FBNYC, 7.19.14

2K14 SUM Week 3 ResultsFBNYC, 7.17.14
Renegades (2-1)
Free Agents (0-2)
Player of the Game
E. St. Hilaire (REN) 22 pts, 9 reb, 6 blk

Goat Herders (1-1)
MediaBrix (2-0)
Player of the Game
Jason Crowell (MBX) 32 pts, 9 reb, 3 blk
Dribbling Seamen (2-1)
Basketball Reasons (1-1)
Player of the Game
C. Tavantzis (SEA) 23 pts, 10 reb, 3 ast
Top Stars (0-2)
Fastbreak NYC (2-0)
Player of the Game
Garrett James (FBN) 34 pts, 7 reb, 2 stl
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Week 3 League Highs... Points: Zack Simmons (BBR) 42, Keegan Pieri (TOP) 38... 3FGs: Zack Simmons (BBR) 7, Garrett James (FBN) 5... Rebounds: Seamus McKiernan (GOA) 19, Matt Collazo (REN) 17... Assists: Ian Yu (REN) 11, Lucas Chang (FA) 6, Max Masucci (TOP) 6... Steals: Seamus McKiernan (GOA) 6,  [5 players] 3... Blocks: Askia Davis (MBX) 7, Will Haile (FBN) 6, Elijah St. Hilaire (REN) 6

2K14 SUM Week 2 Power RankingsFBNYC, 7.15.14

Summer 2014 Premier Division Power Rankings - Week 2
Rank Team Record
Team Notes
1. (N/A)



The Breakers get the default no. 1 to start the season due to their back to back championships, but the talent is deep this season. Both titles seemed a little unlikely, but if adding former MVP (G) Garrett James to the roster is any indication, they're not resting on their laurels.
2. (N/A)



They're back. From what we've seen so far, this is the same roster from last season. It's always been about the playoffs for Basketball Reasons, but just once they need a full roster in a crucial playoff game. The comp isn't getting any easier. Teams are gearing up holding BBR as still the team to beat.
3. (N/A)



After a surprise run this spring, MediaBrix looks to build. Back is the dynamic duo of (G) Jason Crowell & (F) Askia Davis, but helping them in the front court is athletic (F) Isiaih Reed, who might rival Davis for dunks this season.
4. (N/A)



The Goat Herders are making the jump from 1st Div, but this isn't the same team. MVP (G) Morgan Blakely is back, but with him a number of new faces that have the potential for big games, notably (F) Seamus McKiernan who already has, and (G) Milan Prodanovic, Iona's 2nd All-Time 3-pt shooter.
5. (N/A)



They don't always have a lot of flashy numbers on their stat sheets, but the Seamen always compete. Versatile (F) Chris Tavantzis returns with new adds that have seemed to fit in well so far. (C) Ace Pidoriano will man the middle, but overall size will again be their Achilles heel.
6. (N/A)



Team AXA may be new to FBNYC, but they've been around for a long time. This is a veteran team that knows how to grind out wins. (G) Sam Deadwyler is as crafty as they come on offense (and defense). 
7. (N/A)



Renegades have lost some key pieces, but their floor leader is back in (G) Ian Yu. He will keep them competitive. Additions (F) Nefty Martinez, and (C) Matt Collazo have looked solid so far, but Yu has some work to do.
8. (N/A)



Also making the jump from 1st Div are the Top Stars. What constituted a big front-court in D-I is suddenly average at best. That could hurt, but (G) Max Masucci has already shown he can make the jump with a huge Week 1. TOP may also have another player with significant pedigree up their sleeves.
9. (N/A)



Last season the Monstars looked like a team on the verge, but (F) Kaylen Gregory wasn't quite the same after coming back from injury. (F) Brett Marfurt was a big time scorer, but he hasn't shown up yet. Even if Gregory is healthy, MON may need another contributor on offense.



It wasn't a pretty start for the Free Agents, and these kind of teams can be a crap shoot sometimes. But it's a long season, and hopefully they can come together as a team, and compete night in, night out.
Observations... The Dark Knight returns... Breakers now have four former MVPs on the roster... "Mad Max" Masucci... too easy... Seamus McKiernan doesn't need a nickname... through two games AXA is shooting better from the field (45%) than from the FT line (40%)... Brandon Hines was possessed last week... astral projection... will this finally be the season for Basketball Reasons?
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