2011 March Madness Tournament PoolFBNYC, 3.15.11

Back by popular demand, the Fastbreak March Madness NCAA Tournament Pool. But, as always we try to contribute to a charitable cause and there is no bigger cause to support right now than the relief efforts in Japan.
The winner aka Charlie Sheen of this pool wins 65% of the pot PLUS up to
$200 comped for an upcoming season (for FBNYC WHITE & RED leagues only).  First loser aka 2nd pl wins 20% of the pot PLUS one of our limited ed "Stat & Melo" shirts.

Fastbreak Houston contestants will get different additional prizes TBA shortly.

The remaining 15% of the winnings will be matched by a sponsor and donated in the name of the winner to the Japanese relief effort of their choice.
To enter, go to:
http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com, use Group ID#: 118573, Password: fastbreaknyc, then e-mail ren@fastbreaknyc.com for payment instructions. It all goes down this Thursday so sign up ASAP.

You're free to submit as many brackets as you wish. Defending FBNYC champion Nikki Chawla already has three. Feel free to invite your friends, it's fun but for a good cause, too. Thanks and good luck.

Also, here are some different options for making a contribution to the relief efforts: http://mashable.com/2011/03/13/japan-earthquake-tsunami-help-donate. Even if you don't want to play, you can make a donation.

2K10 WIN Power Rankings (Week 11)FBNYC, 2.25.11
Paid in Full climbs back to top of the charts

After a disappointing two-game losing streak, Paid returns to form

There is no outright favorite to win this league right now. There might be four contenders with Paid in Full, NYC Fury Black, Fire Turtles and Real People but among these four, there is no clear cut favorite, each one of these teams could beat the other on any given day. The final three could get an upset in there as well with Fury Gold as the likeliest giant killer. As the regular season wraps up, it's pretty clear that this will be a very interesting post-season and impossible to predict. -- FBNYC
FASTBREAK NYC 2K10 WIN Power Rankings (Week 11)
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




They lost two straight but bounced back with a convincing drubbing of the otherwise 1st place Real People. After a couple of uncharacteristically slow games, PIF answered with the intensity and defense that carried them all season. They are the best team in the league right now, slightly.




Ask the Fury themselves and they will tell you they haven't even started clicking yet. They're still trying to catch a groove and they're finishing with the league's 2nd best record by default. With their all-around talent, the Fury are poised and confident they will get it going in the playoffs.




The Turtles have been the surprise team in the league after re-tooling their roster. They're athletic, experienced and savvy, led by captain (G) Wilson Lew and crafty (F) Matt Collazo. Veteran (F) Alex Stewart adds to that veteran leadership.




After a dominant stretch of wins, Real People finishes the season with two losses against two fellow contenders. To add injury to insult, standout (F) Mike Barnes was unavailable for the latter loss and may be out for the 1st rd of the playoffs.




The Gold has shown some signs but has struggled to fill out their roster. They've had some big games from (G) Grant Leslie and role player (F) Pat Layton but they'll need (G) Arnell Milton to come up big to make a real push in the post-season.




The Legends finally got their first win of the season over floundering Yea Boi and they play very hard. But, to have any chance of advancing, they will need big games from new additions (F) Steve Hickman and (G) Jeff Hunter. The veterans have been solid but need help.




Yea Boi has been in a bit of limbo as the schedule has not worked in their favor but rangy (F) Kareem Merrick is one of the league's best players and when they enter the post-season, he'll give them a chance.

Observations... first a moment to honor the passing of Troy "Escalade" Jackson... one of NYC's finest... welcome to NY, Melo... as seen on our Facebook, holler if you want a "Stat & Melo" shirt... Stat & Melo, Stat & Melo, Stat & Melo... to see a pic, click here... Wojo was on a mission, not a peep, just an all-day scowl... it was eerie... welcome back Mega Man... where did Pat Layton come from?

2K10 WIN Weekly Player Awards (Week 11)FBNYC, 2.23.11
Pat Layton (FGO)
F | 6-3 | 175 lbs
Week 11 Stats
PPG: 24.0
RPG: 6.0
APG: 2.0

Barnes was unconscious and a stunned Fury Black struggled to contain him for pretty much the entire game. His five 3FGs is a season-high for the rookie. His 24 pts is also a personal best, topping his previous mark of 23 set on Jan 12.

Runner-Up: Danny Lee (FGO) 19 pts, 5 3FGs, 2 ast
Brian Womack (TUR)
F | 6-3 | 190 lbs
Week 11 Stats
PPG: 21.0
RPG: 7.0
SPG: 2.0

In his first full season, Collazo has been the most consistent player on the TUR roster. He was dominant on the boards, on defense and made timely shots to keep the Fire Turtles ahead in an upset win over the previously 1st pl Paid in Full.

RU: Kareem Merrick (BOI) 14 pts, 10 reb, 8 ast
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

B. Picone (FGO) 13 reb, 2 stl, 5 blk

He didn't make a FG but he made all the plays FGO needed him to make down the stretch help secure the win including 13 big rebounds.

Runner-Up: Will Halie (LMG) 11 rebs, 3 asts
Defensive Player of the Week

B. Picone (FGO) 13 reb, 2 stl, 5 blk

Picone gets the double up this week because no one played harder on the court to get his team the win. 13 reb, 2 stl and 5 blk is ridiculous.

Runner-Up: Kai Campbell (BOI) 5 reb, 1 stl, 4 blk
The High-5 Club

Kai Campbell (BOI) 9-5-1-1-4
Matt Collazo (TUR) 16-7-6-2-1
Andre Logan, Sr. (LMG) 7-10-4-1-1
Pat Layton (FGO) 24-6-2-1-1
Kareem Merrick (BOI) 17-2-5-3-1
David Ortner (BOI) 17-2-5-3-1
Bryant Picone (FGO) 2-13-7-2-5
Ronald Salters (LMG) 2-6-1-1-1
Discorama Rookie of the Week

Jeffrey Hunter (LMG) 16 ppg, 2.5 spg

In just his 2nd and 3rd gms with LMG Hunter has made his presence felt right away, giving them the speed and athleticism they were lacking.

Runner-Up: David Ortner (BOI) 17 pts, 5 ast, 3 stl
The "John Starks" Award

J. Giacobbe (FGO) | 3-12 FGs (.250)

Giacobbe was aggressive and hit a few big shots down the stretch so this isn't the worst thing to happen for him. Plus, they won.

Dishonorable Mention: Will Halie (LMG) 5-15 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Jeff Hunter (LMG) | 3-10 FTs (.300)

Luckily for Hunter, they won this one anyway but 3-10 from the FT line is never a pretty sight, especially from a guard.

Dishonorable Mention: Bryant Picone (FGO) 2-6 FTs

2K10 WIN Week 11 ResultsFBNYC, 2.21.11
Yea Boi (1-5)
LMC Legends (1-5)
Player of the Game
Jeffrey Hunter (LMG) 19 pts, 3 reb, 3 stl

Real People (4-4)
Fire Turtles (3-3)
Player of the Game
Brian Womack (TUR) 21 pts, 7 reb, 2 stl

NYC Fury Gold (4-4)
LMC Legends (1-6)
Player of the Game
Pat Layton (FGO) 24 pts, 6 reb, 2 ast

The Spot Dessert Bar Game of the Week

FGO (F) Pat Layton drops in three of his game high 24 pts in a comeback win over LMG.

Short-handed Gold outlasts Legends

MLK HS, NYC -- This game, the second match up between the Fury Gold and Legends, began as another head-shaker for FGO who again had to start with just 4 players on the floor. The Gold had gone from a promising 3-2 start to a 2-game losing streak and a possible third due to little more than lack of a roster. [Read more >>>]
Week 11 League Highs... Points: Pat Layton (FGO) 24, Kevin Green (RLP) 23... 3FGs: Danny Lee (FGO) 5, Kelvin Jones (LMG) 3, Pat Layton (FGO) 3... Rebounds: Kevin Green (RLP) 13, Bryant Picone (FGO) 13, Will Halie (LMG) 11... Assists: Kareem Merrick (BOI) 8, Wilson Lew (TUR) 7... Steals: Jeffrey Hunter (LMG) 3, David Ortner (BOI) 3, [10 players] 2... Blocks: Bryant Picone (FGO) 5, Kai Campbell (BOI) 4

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