2K10 WIN Week 8 ResultsFBNYC, 1.24.11
NYC Fury Gold (3-2)
Yea Boi (1-4)
Player of the Game
Joe Kim (FGO) 18 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, 3 stl

NYC Fury Gold (3-3)
Hudson Valley Hype (2-0)
 OT 94
Player of the Game
Doug Childs (HUD) 31 pts, 5 ast, 3 stl

LMC Legends (0-4)
NYC Fury Black (3-1)
Player of the Game
Jake Choi (FBK) 23 pts, 8 ast, 4 stl

Fire Turtles (0-2)
Real People (3-2)
Player of the Game
Kevin Green (RLP) 13 pts, 8 reb, 1 ast

The Spot Dessert Bar Game of the Week

FGO (G) Arnell Milton is fouled en route to a team-high 22 points, second only to HUD (G) Doug Childs' game-high 31.

Hype survives OT thriller

MLK HS, NYC -- In this second of three inter-league friendlies with the EBA's Hudson Valley Hype, expectations were high for another high octane affair. The Hype led by (G) Doug Childs and their opponents the NYC Fury Gold, led by captain (C) Bryant Picone, did not disappoint.

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Week 8 League Highs... Points: Doug Childs (HUD) 31, Jake Choi (FBK) 23... 3FGs: Grant Leslie (FGO) 6, Kai Campbell (BOI) 4, Ram Parekh (BOI) 4... Rebounds: Bryant Picone (FGO) 16 (twice), Ezra Hoover (FBK) 13... Assists: Bobbito Garcia (LMG) 9, Jake Choi (FBK) 8... Steals: Jake Choi (FBK) 4, Justin Kao (TUR) 4, [5 players] 4... Blocks: Bryant Picone (FGO) 3, Ezra Hoover (FBK) 2

2K10 WIN Power Rankings (Week 10)FBNYC, 1.20.11
Paid in Full falters but retains no. 1 spot... for now

Despite dropping their first game of the season, Paid remains top team

Teams are starting to hit their stride--and adjust their rosters to the level of play. By the end of this thing, it could be a league of complete parity. It's happened before. But, for now, it's Paid in Full who still stands above the rest even after taking their first loss to NYC Fury Black on Saturday. If the Black and Fury Gold can get their rosters straight, there could be a major shift very soon. -- FBNYC
FASTBREAK NYC 2K10 WIN Power Rankings (Week 7)
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




Despite a close loss to defending champs FBK, Paid in Full has put up a solid resume in their first season. Not only are they a balanced team and easily the most athletic in the league but they never back down. Even if they don't stay no. 1, they'll be among the best teams all season. 




The Fury haven't played many games but their win vs. PIF last week was defining. A well-balanced attack that can hurt you inside-out and stop you on defense. Not a single player scored more than 10 pts and none will probably average more than that all season.




Gold took a loss to the RLP with a short roster but at full strength, they are tough to beat. (G) Joe Kim is playing at a fever pitch and (G) Alok Aiyar is approaching record efficiency. Not to mention (C) Bryant Picone, who leads the league in rebounds per game.




Not only is Real People starting to win some games and adjusting to the FBNYC style of play, they keep improving their roster. (F) Kevin Green and (F) Mike Barnes have been headlining a tall, physical and solid front-court and new additions should make that group even better.




The addition of (G) Bobbito Garcia is significant. He gives the Legends exactly what they need, a PG who can spread the court with his range and free up LMG bigs 15' down; not to mention a little flavor on the break. (G) Will Halie provides the scoring, LMG is better than 0-3.




Yea Boi stole a win from a newly entered TUR squad but since a down to the wire loss to FBK, they haven't looked particularly good. They don't even have the chemistry they did last season. (F) Kareem Merrick has been posting dominant numbers but someone else needs to step up.




Captain (G) Wilson Lew has re-entered his franchise late in the season and the roster isn't quite set yet. By playoff time, count on the Turtles (aka Asphalt Ninjas) being as competitive as usual.

Observations... watching Real play is like watching a dysfunctional family dinner on Thanksgiving... you see the love but man, can they argue... in case you didn't know, Will Smallwood is aka "Rise of Nations" ...don't ask, consult your 2010 Top 10 Plays of the Year... even in his first game, Bobbito brought the sabor... best comment during a game: Mike Barnes looking like Grant Hill on his dunk... old Grant Hill

2K10 WIN Players of the Week (Wk 7)FBNYC, 1.19.11
Mike Barnes (RLP)
F | 6-5 | 195 lbs
Week 7 Stats
PPG: 23.0
RPG: 6.0
APG: 6.0

RLP's Barnes has showed signs of this kind of output. He didn't shoot particularly well but put that versatility on display by racking up 6 rebs, 6 asts, 2 stls and 2 blks. When the rookie (F) has it going, Real People is tough to beat.

Runner-Up: Will Halie (LMG) 26 pts, 11 reb, 2 stl
Kar. Merrick (BOI)
F | 6-3 | 195 lbs
Week 7 Stats
PPG: 18.0
RPG: 10.0
BPG: 3.0

Merrick had another solid week and finally got his team a win. He has been a double-double machine, this last outing giving him a league-high three. The second season (F) is currently 2nd in the league in rebounds and tied for 1st in blocks.

RU: Garrett James (FBK) 10 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast 
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Brian Faustin (RLP) 12.5 rpg, 1.5 spg

In his first game with RLP, Faustin hit up Fury Gold for a team-high 14 rebs along with 15 pts. In his 2nd, he finished with a team-high 9 rebs.

Runner-Up: Will Halie (LMG) 11 rebs, 2 stls
Defensive Player of the Week

Rahmel Miller (PIF) 3 reb, 3 stl, 2 blk

Few players are better than Miller at turning defensive stops into points in transition. Miller never stops moving to the ball.

Runner-Up: Kevin Green (RLP) 9.5 rpg, 3 bpg
The High-5 Club

Mike Barnes (RLP) 23-6-6-2-2
Jamal Clarke (RLP) 6-5-3-1-1
Matt Collazo (TUR) 14-11-1-1-2
Grant Leslie (FGO) 14-9-3-4-1
Rahmel Miller (PIF) 10-3-3-3-2
David Ortner (BOI) 8-5-2-1-2
Arron Pham (TUR) 4-4-2-2-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Will Halie (RLP) 26 pts, 11 reb, 2 stl

Halie got the honor in Wk 4, he'll get it again in Wk 7. He was one reb shy of a double-double then. He got it this time, and he's still a guard.

Runner-Up: Matt Collazo (TUR) 14 pts, 11 reb, 2 blk
The "John Starks" Award

Pat Layton (FGO) | 4-19 FGs (.214)

Sure, we've seen worse than 21% shooting before but 1-11 3FGs must be a new record. Good thing he got those 11 rebs to atone. It's a start.

Dishonorable Mention: Jamal Clarke (RLP) 3-14 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Mo Ghumman (FBK) | 1-6 FTs (.167)

Ghumman may play (C) for FBK but he's known a deft touch from mid range. Not in this one. The usually solid FT shooter was plain terrible.

Dishonorable Mention: Will Smallwood (PIF) 2-5 FTs

2K10 WIN Week 7 ResultsFBNYC, 1.17.11
Yea Boi (1-3)
Fire Turtles (0-1)
Player of the Game
K. Merrick (BOI) 18 pts, 10 reb, 3 blk

NYC Fury Gold (3-2)
Real People (1-3)
 OT 60
Player of the Game
Mike Barnes (RLP) 23 pts, 6 reb, 6 ast

Paid in Full (5-1)
NYC Fury Black (2-1)
Player of the Game
Garrett James (FBK) 10 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast

LMC Legends (0-3)
Real People (2-3)
Player of the Game
Kevin Green (RLP) 14 pts, 8 reb, 3 blk

The Spot Dessert Bar Game of the Week

Legends (G) Bobbito Garcia spices it up out on the break despite trailing late vs. Real People.

Real overpowers veteran Legends

MLK HS, NYC -- The Sunday matinee featured two transplants from Isaac Daniel's Wall Street league, Real People vs. Lower Manhattan Classic Legends. Neither team has had a particularly strong start but RLP entered the game coming off their first win of the season and LMG was unveiling a new addition, veteran (G) Bobbito Garcia. Read more >>>
Week 7 League Highs... Points: Will Halie (LMG) 26, Mike Barnes (RLP) 23, ... 3FGs: Will Halie (LMG) 5, Bobbito Garcia (LMG) 4, Andre Hinckson (RLP) 4... Rebounds: Brian Faustin (RLP) 14, Matt Collazo (TUR) 11, Kevin Green (RLP) 11, Will Halie (LMG) 11... Assists: Bobbito Garcia (LMG) 10, Mike Barnes (RLP) 6... Steals: Joe Chin (TUR) 4, Pat Layton (FGO) 3, Rahmel Miller (PIF) 3... Blocks: Kevin Green (RLP) 3 (twice), Kareem Merrick (BOI) 3, [8 players] 2

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