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2K10 SUM Weekly Awards (Week 6)FBNYC, 8.3.10
Len Kamdang (AOD)
F/C | 6-3 | 250 lbs
Week 6 Stats
PPG: 21.0
RPG: 5.0
APG: 2.0

In 4 gms before this one, the veteran Kamdang had scored only 16 pts combined. This one was a beaut. His teammates found him in position and he delivered, particularly down the stretch when the game was in jeopardy. Kamdang sealed it.

RU: Nick Harrington (MON) 25 pts, 13 rebs, 3 blks
Kevin Quach (MNK)
G | 6-2 | 180 lbs
Week 6 Stats
PPG: 18.0
3FG: 6.0
RPG: 5.0

A couple of unlikely stars make the PoWs this week as Quach reps in the ORC. About time, really, he's certainly displayed the ability to put in this kind of work. Deadly from outside, the young forward helped put away ASN early on.

Joe Vine (MNK) 10 pts, 13 rebs, 5 asts
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

N. Harrington (MON) 14 rebs, 3 stls

The MonStars ask Harrington to do a lot, especially when (F) Rich Baptiste is out. And, he did pretty much just that but fell short of the W.

Runner-Up: Brian Nilsen (ASN) 10 rebs, 3 blks
Defensive Player of the Week

Jin Hong (DBC) 6 rebs, 1 stl, 8 blks

When you can get him on both sides of the ball Hong is dangerous but the kid always plays defense. 8 blocks is nuts. You'd think BOI would learn.

RU: Nick Harrington (MON) 14 rebs, 3 stls, 3 rebs
The High-5 Club

Nick Harrington (MON) 25-13-3-3-3
Jin Hong (DBC) 9-6-1-1-8
Len Kamdang (AOD) 21-5-2-1-1
Anthony Nurse (BOI) 12-3-1-2-1
Ram Parekh (BOI) 12-5-2-1-1
Joe Vine (MNK) 10-13-5-2-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Joe Vines (MNK) 10 pts, 13 reb, 5 ast

This may be Vine's first season but he's no rookie to the scene. Vine put his versatile game to work in a blow out win over the Asphalt Ninjas.

Runner-Up: Brian Nilsen (ASN) 14 pts, 10 reb, 3 blk
The "John Starks" Award

B. Womack (ASN) | 5-17 FGs (.294)

That's a lot of shots. Womack had 2 solid games under his belt so a little letdown is to be expected. We don't predict many more like this.

Dishonorable Mention: A. Singleton (ASN) 0-7 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Joe Vine (MNK) | 2-6 FTs (.333)

As well as Vine played, he didn't hit FTs. But, in a 30-pt blowout win, who really cares? Give it a couple of days, no one will ever remember.

Dishonorable Mention: R. Stovall (BOI) 0-3 FTs

2K10 SUM Week 6 ResultsFBNYC, 8.2.10
The MonStars (2-3)
Audacity of Dope (2-3)
Player of the Game
Len Kamdang (AOD) 21 pts, 5 reb, 2 ast

Monkey Kings (2-3)
Asphalt Ninjas (1-2)
Player of the Game
Kevin Quach (MNK) 18 pts, 6 3FGs, 5 reb

DB Connections (3-2)
Yea Boi (1-2)
Player of the Game
Tony Hu (DBC) 11 pts, 8 rebs, 1 stl

The Spot Dessert Bar Game of the Week

No photo available.
Kings' team effort knocks off Ninjas

MLK HS, NYC -- Everyone in the league knows ASN captain (G) Wilson Lew puts together formidable teams, especially ones that like to run and gun. So seeing them get handled the way they did against MNK was very surprising.

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Week 5 League Highs... Points: Nick Harrington (MON) 25, Len Kamdang (AOD) 21... 3FGs: Kevin Quach (MNK) 6, John Plunkett (MON) 3... Rebounds: Nick Harrington (MON) 13, Joe Vine (MNK) 13, Brian Nilsen (ASN) 10... Assists: Anwar King (AOD) 7, Jamie Rillay (AOD) 7, Joe Vine (MNK) 5... Steals: Rommel Dolar (ASN) 4, Nick Harrington (MON) 3... Blocks: Jin Hong (DBC) 8, Michael Adames (AOD) 4

2K10 SUM Game of the Week (Week 7)FBNYC, 7.28.10
Asphalt Ninjas (1-1) vs. Monkey Kings (1-3) | Wednesday (7/28) 8:00pm @ Chinatown YMCA

B. Womack
13.0 ppg
7.0 rpg
0.5 apg
3.5 spg
N. Mui
26.0 ppg
5.7 rpg
4.7 apg
3.0 spg
ANALYSIS: This may be a burgeoning grudge match as ASN captain (G) Wilson Lew is a former teammate and long-time friend of MNK captain (F) George Chan. Not to mention, Chan, Lew, ASN (G) Rommel Dolar along with MNK (F) Mike Chan and (G) Nick Mui won the WTA Asian Invt'l in April.  For the most part, however, Lew's team is new to the scene. They've been led by 2K10 SUM RED league Outstanding Rookie (F) Brian Villy Womack. A fiery competitor and tireless defender Womack doesn't want to be a "specialist" and has displayed his scoring touch this season along with an ability to make big shots late in games.

For the Monkey Kings, it's been Mui all season long. The young guard has been carrying MNK but the result so far has been only a 1-3 record. Mui needs help and (F) Kevin Quach and Mike Chan have shown they are capable.
-- Jeff Van Ghandi

Asphalt Ninjas
GR GR Monkey Kings
(G) Tyquawn Goode
5-7, 160 lbs



(G) Nick Mui
5-11, 170 lbs
Staten Island

Rookie Goode has top-end speed and is a very pesky defender, it remains to be seen what he can bring on offense. Everything MNK does runs through Mui, he can score, defend and pass.
(G) Andy Singleton
5-11, 185 lbs



(G) Mike Chan
6-1, 170 lbs

After a rough start, Singleton is now starting to show his ability as a shooter. Mike Chan has struggled with his shot but is a versatile scorer and underrated defender.
(F) Brian Womack
6-3, 190 lbs



(F) Kevin Quach
6-2, 180 lbs

Womack could very well end up the league's best defensive player. Quach has displayed a consistent touch from deep this season.
(F) Brian Nilsen
6-5, 225 lbs



(F) George Chan
6-2, 200 lbs

Nilsen is a big forward who is active on the floor but has yet to find a niche; he certainly has the size to be dominant. Chan is a hard-nosed bruiser who sets a great pick.
(C) Danny Manning
6-5, 260 lbs



(C) David Wiggins
6-8, 240 lbs

If you need someone to take up space in the paint, Manning is your man. Doesn't bring a lot on offense but Manning can defend bigs in the post. Wiggins is big but versatile, too.
(G) Wilson Lew
(G) Rommel Dolar
(F) Carlito Beach
(F) Joel Capili



(G) James Li
(F) Jin Kye
(F) Kevin Coll
(F) Joe Vine
(G) Kwok Fung

While Lew recovers from an ankle injury, Dolar has been brought on to fill in. Both Beach and Capili bring solid all-around skills of the bench. Depending on who actually shows up for the Kings, the bench could fluctuate greatly. Fung has been consistent and a deep threat.

Asphalt Ninjas

Monkey Kings


2K10 SUM Weekly Awards (Week 5)FBNYC, 7.28.10
Mike Kim (DBC)
G | 5-11 | 165 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 19.0
RPG: 6.0
APG: 4.0

Kim isn't back in town for more than a couple of days and he's already back among the best of Fastbreak. That's how good this lightning quick guard is. An instant impact on any team, Kim gave DBC that extra gear that few other teams have.

RU: Jon Scheiman (AOD) 12 pts, 9 rebs, 7 asts
Jake Choi (NYF)
G | 6-0 | 165 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 23.0
RPG: 5.0
SPG: 2.0

If Kim is arguably the quickest guard in the OCC, Choi might be his counterpart in the ORC. Though still not fully recovered from a pre-season knee injury, Choi looks is returning to form as NYF takes a 4-0 record into the 2nd half of the season.

Nick Mui (MNK) 24 pts, 7 rebs, 4 asts
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Joe Kim (NYF) 11 rebs, 8 asts, 2 stls

Kim was quietly covering all bases in a win vs. BOI. Getting just 2 asts shy of the season's first triple-double is no small feat.

Runner-Up: Carlito Beach (ASN) 7 rebs, 2 stls, 1 blk
Defensive Player of the Week

B. Womack (ASN) 5 reb, 3 stl, 1 blk

If Womack isn't the peskiest player in the league, he's definitely the most tenacious on D. No one takes defense more seriously.

Runner-Up: Anthony Nurse (BOI) 6 rebs, 6 stls
The High-5 Club

Carlito Beach (ASN) 6-7-1-2-1
Kwadjo Boachie (BOI) 18-3-2-2-1
Jake Choi (NYF) 23-5-1-2-1
Seth Dyer (BOI) 16-3-2-2-1
Mo Ghumman (NYF) 6-12-4-1-2
Tyquawn Goode (ASN) 11-2-2-1-1
Joe Kim (NYF) 10-11-8-2-1
Danny Manning (ASN) 4-5-1-3-3
Ace Watanasuparp (DBC) 13-2-2-1-1
Brian Villy Womack (ASN) 14-5-1-3-1
Jon Yevin (BOI) 10-4-1-1-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Kwadjo Boachie (BOI) 18 pts, 3 rebs

The man they call simply "Kwad" was good enough to keep his team in it early on, scoring from a diverse array of spots on the floor.

Runner-Up: Seth Dyer (BOI) 16 pts, 4 3FGs, 3 rebs

The "John Starks" Award

R. Stovall (BOI) | 1-10 FGs (.100)

Stovall's work on the offensive glass gave him plenty of opportunities but all but one refused to go in. Well, at least the effort was there.

Dishonorable Mention: Mike Chan (MNK) 3-13 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Joel Capili (ASN) | 1-4 (.250)

Capili is generally a solid FT shooter, especially late in games but in this one, a couple of those misses were just plain ugly. At least they won.

Dishonorable Mention: None worth mentioning

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