2K10 SPR Top 10 Plays of Week 8FBNYC, 3.20.10

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2K10 SPR Game of the Week (Wk 6)FBNYC, 3.19.10
Hypebeasts (4-1) vs. NYC Quicks (3-2) | Saturday (3/20) 5:15pm @ MLK HS

G. Chan
12.5 ppg
6.5 rpg
1.0 apg
1.0 bpg
A. Stewart
9.8 pp
7.4 rpg
1.8 spg
1.4 bpg
ANALYSIS: Their barn-burner in Wk 2 saw QIK give up a 15-pt 2nd half lead to the current no. 1. They will be looking to correct that mistake but with (F) George Chan back in the line-up, that will be even harder than it was the first time. (F) Mamadou Hanne will fill in for (G) Leon Chu as he rests a pulled hamstring, moving (G) Ian Yu to the point. The move actually gives HYP more length on D. The HYP game hasn't been pretty but it's added up to wins. Conversely, the Quicks have often looked great but have only just bounced back from two straight losses.

X-FACTOR: Hanne continues to play a big role in determining how HYP fares. When he moves the ball quickly and goes all-out on the floor, the Hypebeasts are always in a good position. For the Quicks, they will need someone to step up off the bench. Last week it was (G) Dave Wong who filled in for 19 pts. Who will it be this week?
-- Jeff Van Ghandi

GR GR NYC Quicks
(G) Ian Yu



(G) Wilson Lew

Yu at the point gives HYP a quick guard with a knack of passing through traffic. Lew is still crafty as ever and sharp on the deep ball.
(G) Sam Jenkins



(G) Ren Hsieh

Two prolific shooters in the BLUE right now, Jenkins can fill it up effortlessly while Hsieh brings the extra dimension of solid passing.
(F) Mamadou Hanne



(F) Shaun Young

Hanne brings versatility and defense to the floor. Young is Mr. Versatile and may be having his strongest season yet.
(F) George Chan



(F) Alex Stewart

Chan took a game to get his bearings but now looks as dominant as ever. Stewart is filling in nicely as the QIK's Mr. Do-it-All.
(C) Howard Chu



(C) Ezra Hoover

Chu brought the pain last week but struggles against length. Hoover, however, does not usually fare much better against bulky bigs.




Even with (G) Leon Chu nursing a hamstring injury, HYP still has a deep bench. The QIK reserves are also solid with signs of life from a new add, after losing (F) Pat Pilar (knee).

NYC Quicks

2K10 SPR Weekly Player Awards (Week 5)FBNYC, 3.17.10
George Chan (HYP)
F | 6-5 | 225 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 17.0
RPG: 8.0
APG: 1.0

Chan's game didn't jump out at you but at the end of the day, he had solid numbers and secured his team's win with the most important part, making his FTs down the stretch. All that physical play goes down the drain if you can't convert.

Runner-Up: Aaron Fisher (AOD) 19 pts, 12 rebs
Dave Wong (QIK)
G | 5-10 | 155 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 19.0
RPG: 4.0
SPG: 3.0

Wong was just unstoppable out in transition converting on a dazzling array of acrobatic lay ups and and 3FGs with his now trademark bank-shot. He got QIK going early and got them buckets down the stretch when they needed them most.

Runner-Up: B. Picone (NYF) 12 pts, 12 rebs, 4 blks
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Mike Ha (FAS) 9 rebs, 2 stls, 1 blk

Doesn't seem to matter which league he's playing in, the rookie just flat out plays hard, helping FAS top the much bigger QIK in rebounds.

Runner-Up: James Li (CRB) 6 rebs, 3 stls, 3 blks
Defensive Player of the Week

Bryant Picone (NYF) 12 rebs, 4 blks

He's already dominant but he was a man among boys against the very undersized Crossbearers. They never had a chance.

Runner-Up: James Li (CRB) 6 rebs, 3 stls, 3 blks
The High-5 Club

Mike Ha (FAS) 9-9-2-2-1
Len Kamdang (AOD) 6-6-3-1-1
Joe Kim (NYF) 12-6-5-1-2
Wilson Lew (QIK) 5-2-6-1-1
James Li (CRB) 6-6-2-3-3
Nick Mui (AOD) 8-4-1-1-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Aaron Fisher (AOD) 19 pts, 12 rebs

Fisher keeps coming up big with (F) Yoshi Kagitomi out. Already making AOD a force in the paint, imagine when Kagitomi returns.

Runner-Up: Roman Perez (FAS) 17 pts, 5 ast, 3 stl
The "John Starks" Award

Jason Chin (AOD) | 2-12 FGs (.167)

Chin was coming off a solid game so this one is a little bit of a puzzle. As really their only perimeter shooter, AOD is going to need Chin on point.

Dishonorable Mention:
James Li (CRB) 3-11 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Alex Stewart (QIK) | 0-5 FTs (.000)

A late switch, don't know how we missed it. Stewart is usually a very reliable FT shooter. Luckily, these 5 misses came in a blowout win.

Dishonorable Mention: M. Hanne (HYP) 5-11 FTs

2K10 SPR Week 5 ResultsFBNYC, 3.15.10
NYC Fury (3-1)
NY Crossbearers (0-5)
Player of the Game
B. Picone (NYF) 12 pts, 12 rebs, 4 blks

Audacity of Dope (2-2)
Hypebeasts (4-1)
Player of the Game
George Chan (HYP) 17 pts, 8 rebs

NYC Quicks (3-2)
The Agents (1-2)
Player of the Game
Dave Wong (QIK) 19 pts, 4 rebs, 3 stls

FBNYC Game of the Week

HYP (F) George Chan goes up over the top in the 1st qtr, setting the tone early in their match-up with Audacity of Dope.
Dope big but Hypebeasts bigger

MLK HS, NYC -- Audacity of Dope has already established itself as one of the biggest teams in the league despite playing most of their games without their most skilled big, who's actually quite lithe, (F) Yoshi Kagitomi. For AOD to go 1-1 in the former Championship MVP's absence is no small feat but much of that was thanks to the addition of lightning quick (G) Nick Mui.

Enter the consensus no. 1 Hypebeasts. If AOD is big, the Hypebeasts are bigger now that they have former All-FBNYC (F) George Chan back on the roster. Not to mention, (C) Howie Chu, who until this game vs. AOD, had been quiet. Chu came out with a vengeance, getting it going early on (more...)
Week 5 League Highs... Points: Aaron Fisher (AOD) 19, Dave Wong (QIK) 19, Roman Perez (FAS) 17... 3FGs: Roman Perez (FAS) 3, Jason Chin (AOD) 2, Alex Cho (NYF) 2, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 2, Joe Kim (NYF) 2, Dave Wong (QIK) 2... Rebounds: Aaron Fisher (AOD) 12, Bryant Picone (NYF) 12, Alex Stewart (QIK) 10... Assists: Ren Hsieh (QIK) 6, Wilson Lew (QIK) 6, Joe Kim (NYF) 5, Roman Perez (FAS) 5, Bryant Picone (NYF) 5, Ian Yu (HYP) 5... Steals: Steven Chen (NYF) 3, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 3, James Li (CRB) 3, Danny Lung (CRB) 3, Roman Perez (FAS) 3, Vince Southerland (AOD) 3, Dave Wong (QIK) 3... Blocks: Bryant Picone (NYF) 4, James Li (CRB) 3

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