2K10 SPR Weekly Player Awards (Week 3)FBNYC, 2.24.10
Nick Watson (FAS)
G/F | 6-3 | 225 lbs
Week 3 Stats
PPG: 21.0
RPG: 20.0
BPG: 2.0

It should be little surprise for those who saw Watson play two games in the RED league. This was the reason he was forced to move up to the BLUE league. 20-20 in his first game and two of the nastiest dunks in this league's short history.

RU: James Li (CRB) 22 pts, 8-8 FGs, 4-4 3FGs
Alex Cho (NYF)
G | 5-9 | 155 lbs
Week 3 Stats
PPG: 22.0
RPG: 2.0
APG: 5.0

In two games and two wins, the Fury's "Smooth Criminal" has been their most consistent scorer. Against the NYC Quicks, Cho hit the big shots along with silent killer (G) Joe Kim as they both dropped 20 pts, the first tandem to do so this season.

Runner-Up: Joe Kim (NYF) 25 pts, 4 rebs, 2 stls
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Len Kamdang (AOD) 11 rebs, 4 asts

Lenny got it done with his floor game in Wk 3, leading his team in rebs, asts, stls and blks. Can't ask for anything more, except maybe a 3.

Runner-Up: Nick Watson (FAS) 20 rebs, 2 blks
Defensive Player of the Week

Bryant Picone (NYF) 10 rebs, 4 stls

Picone just shuts down the paint and it isn't always with blocked shots. Vs. the Quicks, he sealed off the entry lanes and picked off 4 passes.

Runner-Up: A. Stewart (QIK) 8 rebs, 2 stls, 3 blks
The High-5 Club

Will Cheung (NYF) 6-6-3-2-1
Nic Echevestre (FAS) 2-9-2-4-1
Ezra Hoover (QIK) 7-9-1-2-3
Len Kamdang (AOD) 4-11-4-3-2
Danny Lung (CRB) 2-6-1-1-1
Nick Watson (FAS) 21-20-2-1-2

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Aaron Fisher (AOD) 22 pts, 8 rebs

The AOD big man was just tenacious on the offensive boards and looked like a man among boys against CRB. His best yet, expect more.

Runner-Up: M. Hanne (HYP) 11 pts, 3 asts, 2 stls
The "John Starks" Award

James Li (CRB) | 8-8 FGs (1.000)

Forget the "John Starks," we're doing opposites today. We're honoring CRB (F) James Li's perfect game. 8-8 FGs 4-4 3FGs and 2-2 FTs. Awesome.

Dishonorable Mention: Howard Chu (HYP) 1-8 FGs

The "Chris Dudley" Award

Alex Cho (NYF) | 10-11 FTs (.909)

In the spirit of opposites, we honor NYF (G) Alex Cho who scored 10 of his 22 pts from the line. Just one FT short of perfection.

Dishonorable Mention: Leon Chu (HYP) 3-6 FTs

2K10 SPR Week 3 ResultsFBNYC, 2.22.10
Audacity of Dope (1-1)
NY Crossbearers (0-3)
Player of the Game
Aaron Fisher (AOD) 22 pts, 8 rebs, 1 stl

NYC Fury (2-0)
NYC Quicks (1-2)
Player of the Game
Alex Cho (NYF) 22 pts, 2 rebs, 5 asts

Hypebeasts (2-1)
The Agents (1-0)
Player of the Game
Nick Watson (FAS) 21 pts, 20 rebs, 2 blk

FBNYC Game of the Week

QIK (C) Ezra Hoover follows up teammate (G) Ren Hsieh's missed 3FG with a putback slam in the 3rd qtr of their loss to NYF.
Quicks go cold in 4th as Fury runs away

MLK HS, NYC -- Despite its top-billing, this highly anticipated match-up between the NYC Quicks and the defending champion NYC Fury got off to but a lukewarm start. These aren't the same two teams that met each other in the 2K9 FALL Semifinals, one that saw QIK lose to the short-handed Fury in disappointing fashion. Both teams this season are still adjusting to new personnel and perhaps as a result, they came out sluggish as the 12-8 1st qtr should attest. By the 2nd period, however, at least the offense was picking up the pace.

QIK scored 23 pts in the 2nd qtr, tying a team season-high set in Wk 1 while the Fury kept pace with 18 pts to go into halftime down (more...)
Week 3 League Highs... Points: Joe Kim (NYF) 25, Alex Cho (NYF) 22, Aaron Fisher (AOD) 22, James Li (CRB) 22... 3FGs: James Li (CRB) 4 3FGs, Eugene Cleghorne (QIK) 3, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 3, Sam Jenkins (HYP) 3, Wilson Lew (QIK) 3... Rebounds: Nick Watson (FAS) 20, Len Kamdang (AOD) 11... Assists: Ren Hsieh (QIK) 6, Alex Cho (NYF) 5... Steals: Bryant Picone (NYF) 4, Nic Echevestre (FAS) 3, Mamadou Hanne (HYP) 3, Len Kamdang (AOD) 3... Blocks: Ezra Hoover (QIK) 3, Alex Stewart (QIK) 3, Len Kamdang (AOD) 2, James Li (CRB) 2, Nick Watson (FAS) 2

2K10 SPR Top 10 Plays of Week 4FBNYC, 2.20.10


2K10 SPR Game of the Week (Wk 3)FBNYC, 2.19.10

Every week, FBNYC's panel of writers and staff will try to showcase what they predict to be the best or most interesting match-up of the week so you can all know which game is the one to watch.
NYC Quicks vs. NYC Fury | Saturday (2/20) 3:00pm @ MLK HS

R. Hsieh
17.5 ppg
2.0 rpg
3.0 apg
1.0 spg
J. Kim
12.0 ppg
6.0 rpg
5.0 apg
2.0 spg
ANALYSIS: Another marquee match-up for the Quicks, this one should more clearly define the league power structure. QIK is in an interesting transitional period. After a successful season with no bigs, they now have (F) Pat Pilar, (C) Ezra Hoover and (F) Alex Stewart. They've shown some signs of greatness in true balance but have been inconsistent. The Fury, on the other hand, played big all last season and are used to what their line-up will bring. Losing dynamic (G) Rommel Dolar hurts but getting back 2K9 FALL's leading scorer (F) Joe Kim in return softens the blow mightily.

X-FACTOR: QIK (G) Ren Hsieh and (F) Shaun Young have been strong, so the key will be getting Hoover and Pilar involved. The Fury have a familiar game-plan but if (F) Rich Chang can keep thriving in the seams and continue to follow up his strong playoffs with what he's done so far, the Fury will be tough to beat. -- Jeff Van Ghandi

NYC Quicks
(G) Wilson Lew



(G) Alex Cho

Lew has yet to make his mark on this season but something tells us it's coming. Cho is a solid scorer who can do whatever NYF asks.
(G) Ren Hsieh



(G) Steven Chen

Hsieh looks better with each game and has thrived in the QIK system. Chen needs time to get his rhythm after a long layoff but he's always one of the league's top defenders.
(F) Kenneth Van



(G) Joe Kim

It's no secret, Van has struggled since QIK went big. But, QIK promises more uptempo, which should help. Kim struggled in Wk 1 and still played big, indicative of what he brings.
(F) Alex Stewart



(F) Rich Chang

After a late arrival to the HYP game, Stewart had little impact. QIK needed him and still needs him. Chang is quietly becoming one of the league's best complementary forwards.
(C) Ezra Hoover



(C) Bryant Picone

Hoover likes to use his athleticism to go over the top of other bigs. The problem is Picone is bigger with a longer reach. QIK will have to get Hoover out in transition to be effective.




Both teams have great benches but Shaun Young is already up for the Sixth Man Award in the early-going. When (F) Will Cheung and (G) Jon Giacobbe join the NYF line-up, they may vie for that title.

NYC Quicks
52 64 70
NYC Fury

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