2K9 FALL Weekly Player Awards (Week 8)FBNYC, 11.26.09
Chris Moore (FAS)
F | 6-3 | 200 lbs
Week 8 Stats
PPG: 27.0
RPG: 10.0
SPG: 3.0

Moore's been showing signs all season of a big breakout game and in a record-setting contest against the high-octane Quicks, he got his chance. Scoring 21 of his team-high 27 pts in the 2nd half, Moore helped FAS close out a surging QIK team.

Runner-Up: D. Cohn-Williams (AOD) 24 pts, 5 rebs
Derrick Tyson (SWA)
C | 6-4 | 220 lbs
Week 8 Stats
PPG: 18.0
RPG: 13.0
SPG: 6.0

Hard to believe this is just Tyson's first selection to PoW as SWA has flown under the radar for most of the season. It's fitting then, in their regular season finale, that "DT" gives SWA his finest work, including a season-high 5 3FGs.

Runner-Up: Ezra Hoover (QIK) 27 pts, 11 reb, 2 blk
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

V. Southerland (AOD) 17 pts, 8 rebs

Southerland has long been one of the league's top hustle guys. In Wk 8 vs. HYP, he simply outworked his younger opponents to 17 pts, 8 rebs.

Runner-Up: James Li (HYP) 8 rebs, 3 stls, 1 blk
Defensive Player(s) of the Week

D. Tyson (SWA) 13 rebs, 6 stls, 1 blk

We hate doubling up Weekly Awards but that's how good Tyson was in Wk 8. He simply shut down the paint in the 2nd half of their win vs. NYF.

Runner-Up: Bryant Picone (NYF) 18 rebs, 1 blk
The "High Five" Club

Rommel Dolar (NYF) 10-7-6-1-1
Amin Gillespie (SWA) 10-4-6-3-1
James Li (HYP) 12-8-2-3-1
Derrick Tyson (SWA) 18-13-1-6-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

David Chu (FAS) 24 pts, 4 3FGs

Moore wasn't the only one with a breakout game, Chu showed that if you get him the ball in rhythm, he can knock it down with prolific touch.

Runner-Up: Howie Chu (HYP) 20 pts, 11 rebs
The "John Starks" Award

James Lam (SWA) | 3-11 FGs (.273)

Lam didn't shoot well but when you have Derrick Tyson under the rim, you tend to be carefree with your shot selection. SWA wins anyway.

Dis. Mention: Both NYF subs (6-23 FGs combined
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Howard Chu (HYP) | 2-7 FTs (.286)

Chu's 20 and 11 were solid in giving HYP a chance to stay in the game but had he made a few more FTs, they might have won.

Dishonorable Mention: Ian Yu (HYP) 2-6 FTs

2K9 FALL Week 8 ResultsFBNYC, 11.23.09
Audacity of Dope (2-6)
Hypebeasts (5-2)
Player of the Game
D. Cohn-Williams (AOD) 24 pts, 5 rebs

Hypebeasts (6-2)
(Win by forfeit) 0
The Slayers (4-4)


The Agents (2-6)
NYC Quicks (4-4)
Player of the Game
Chris Moore (FAS) 27 pts, 10 rebs, 3 stls

NYC Fury (5-3)
Swagganauts (5-3)
Player of the Game
D. Tyson (SWA) 18 pts, 13 rebs, 6 stls

FBNYC Game of the Week

HYP (G) Ian Yu drives baseline in their 67-63 loss to AOD. Yu finished with 14 pts on 6-13 shooting for the game.
Dope holds off short Hypebeasts

MLK HS, NYC -- They can make a million excuses, and some of the them valid, but the truth is the Hypebeasts simply weren't prepared to win this game. For their late arrival, AOD received 7 free points on technical foul shots as the clock ran down to 8:00 min before the first HYP players showed up. But, there were only four and for another 2:30, they played AOD short one player.

Audacity took full advantage building as much as a 23-0 lead before AOD scored their first points. Finally, (G) Ian Yu arrived as the team's 5th but HYP would still end the 1st qtr with a 25-11 deficit thanks to the addition (more...)
Week 8 League Highs... Points: Ezra Hoover (QIK) 27, Chris Moore (FAS) 27, Daison Cohn-Williams (AOD) 24... 3FGs: Chris Moore (FAS) 5, Michael Thompson (QIK) 5, David Chu (FAS) 4... Rebounds: Bryant Picone (NYF) 18, Derrick Tyson (SWA) 13... Assists: Ren Hsieh (FAS) 10, Wilson Lew (QIK) 7... Steals: Derrick Tyson (SWA) 6, Amin Gillespie (SWA) 3, James Li (HYP) 3, Chris Moore (FAS) 3... Blocks: Albert Chung (FAS) 3, Ezra Hoover (QIK) 2

2K9 FALL Top 10 Plays of Week 7FBNYC, 11.20.09

Week 7's tumult as realized by Evol Intent and the Wu Tang Clan. The dunk, quothe the Raven. Nevermore?  Idealogues shy no longer, bear witness to your patron saint to flocks of seagulls... anything truly is possible. Four stars.

2K9 FALL Power Rankings (Week 7)FBNYC, 11.18.09
There's a new sheriff in town

Hypebeasts dominant in late season take over

They have plenty of young talent on the roster but who knew they'd be so good so fast? If SLA (G) Joe Kim is the front-runner for MVP, HYP (G) Ian Yu is making up space. He's got help, (F) James Li and (F) Jason Wu are two of the best athletes in the league and (C) George Chan and (C) Howie Chu are two of the biggest. Add a defensive-minded point in (G) Leon Chu with sharpshooters (G) Will Moy and (G) Virgil Borbo and you have a team built for Yu to lead them to the promised land. -- Kenny "The Jet" Li
FBNYC 2K9 FALL Power Rankings - Week 7
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




(G) Ian Yu and the Hypebeasts are taking the league by storm. They look pretty unbeatable right now. They're just too athletic and too deep, they're making a lot of teams look old right now. Player-coach (G) Virgil Borbo will make sure they keep their focus into the playoffs.




With the league turned on its head the past couple of weeks, the Fury have managed to keep theirs above water. The key going forward will be the continuing development of (G) Rommel Dolar as veteran (F) Young Yu will be suspended indefinitely for his part in Saturday's altercation.




Quicks haven't had the same line-up twice this season which has made for some uneven play in the past two weeks. Now, they'll lose (F) Alex Stewart, also suspended indefinitely for his part in the altercation on Saturday. (C) Pat Pilar may need to take on starter's minutes now.




This team just keeps looking better and better. Inconsistent free throw shooting and the lack of a true perimeter shooting threat might be the only things keeping SWA from taking it to the next level. But, with that big and versatile front-court, they might not need it.




The Slayers still have plenty of talent but their guys need to show up. There's no reason a 10-man roster should have to pick up any subs for the game. A team that started off with a lot of promise, a lack of depth is making for a lack of interest.




Agents finally won one, then played a solid 3 qtrs against the Hypebeasts before relapsing to old 4th qtr habits. (F) Dooley Watts has been a solid addition but the key will be to keep (F) Chris Moore involved offensively. Sometimes, the don't go his way and it's a mystery why.




Will (G) Usama Nausrudeen be back? Of course his AOD teammates want to see him make Florida's ABA squad but that will also basically mean the end of their season. Unless, (G) Andrew Hara and (C) Len Kamdang have something left up their sleeves. They've shown some signs lately.

Observations... first Pogo, then DJ, then Vic, the Phenom, Y2K... and now, you got it... MC Pee Pants, welcome to the Dunk Club... what's the greatest in-game dunk in FBNYC history? Nominations... DJ over Varun... "EZ" Ezra Hoover over James Lam... Pogo over guy from X-Factor... anyone? ...hey Drew, we know it wasn't offensive... Daniel Kweon aka "Harvey Birdman"... Chris Moore aka "007"

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