Congratulations to FBNYC Founder Bobby Kwak and Hye Kyung JeonFBNYC, 10.19.09

Congratulations to FBNYC founder Bobby Kwak and his lovely new wife Hye Kyung. To the right are photos of the extravagant affair with some of FBNYC's original members.

2K9 FALL Top 10 Plays of Week 2FBNYC, 10.16.09

The smooth baritone finesses a subdued bass line that beckons the viewer to bump hypnotically along. To expect the unexpected, the road less traveled and ease into the uncharted reaches of the soul. Four and a quarter stars.

Halloween Charity Dodgeball
Saturday, October 31, 1-5pm
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2K9 FALL Power Rankings (Week 2)FBNYC, 10.15.09
Slayers emerge as powerhouse

With convincing Week 2 victory, the defending Champs are already laying their claim

The Slayers would like to remind you all that the road to the Chip passes through SLA. 2-0, two solid victories and SLA looks like the first definitive powerhouse to emerge this season. The Fury and Quicks aren't that far behind but I only have SLA on the elite tier right now... the rest are still on the outside looking in. -- Kenny "The Jet" Li
FBNYC 2K9 FALL Power Rankings - Week 2
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




With the league's biggest front-line, the Slayers are getting it done through defense. No team is more dedicated to stopping opponents first and no one is deeper than SLA.




Fury are adjusting to new personnel but they're talented. (G) Rommel Dolar provides the energy, and more importantly, speed off the bench that they need. (C) Bryant Picone is simply a beast in the paint. NYF just needs leadership and so far (F) Young Yu has stepped up to the task.




Quicks have basically the same versatile if undersized group they had in 2K9 SPR but new additions (G) Kenneth Van, (F) Vic Chia and rookie (C) Ezra Hoover are paying dividends already. Never count them out.




Audacity has a group of strong role players around (G) Usama Nausrudeen that should be able to thrive off of Nausrudeen's abiltiies. If they game-plan well enough, "Nas" is good enough to take them to the next level. They will, however, need to improve on defense.




Captain (F) Dave Liu's rookie franchise is still a wild card. (F) Derrick Tyson is a solid addition but guard play may be suspect, no one has filled into the PG role yet. (F) Rondeep Dutta has been a revelation.




They have the tools, they have they talent. Now the Free Agents just need to make it work like Tim Gunn. Last week FAS discovered that when they play defense, they can be pretty good.

Observations... thank you D.J. Liu for continued photographic excellence... Butter is back... or did he never go anywhere... run a screen or two for Nas... trust us, it will pay off... nicknames... Bryant Picone aka "Paul Bunyan"... Jared Sper aka "The Woodsman"... this new stat machine means a new era... Balls of Fury presents the 1st Annual Halloween Charity Dodgeball Tournament... get some.

2K9 FALL Weekly Player Awards (Week 2)FBNYC, 10.14.09
Joe Kim (SLA)
G/F | 5-11 | 175 lbs
Week 2 Stats
PPG: 19.0
APG: 2.0
SPG: 6.0

2K9 SPR Most Valuable Player Joe Kim hasn't missed a beat. On a new team, "Sonic" has fit right in, leading in his team in both PPG and SPG. His 6 stls in Wk 2 matched a career-high set in 2K9 SPR vs. GOD, when he also scored 19 pts.

Runner-Up: Usama Nausrudeen (AOD) 19 pts, 3 stl
Young Yu (NYF)
G/F | 6-1 | 210 lbs
Week 2 Stats
PPG: 17.0
AFG: 3.0
SPG: 3.0

"Don't call it a comeback." Yu is reminding everyone he's still here and still putting in work. So far, there hasn't been any lingering effects from the back injury he suffered in the 2K9 SUM "White" league and that's good news for the Fury.

Runner-Up: Dave Liu (SWA) 12 pts, 12 rebs, 4 stls
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Rondeep Dutta (SWA) 16 pts, 7 rebs

2 wks straight, Dutta has just flat out beat his opponents to the ball. And, for the 2nd week, he's led the team in pts without one play called for him.

RU: Usama Nausrudeen (AOD) 19 pts, 4 reb, 3 stl
Defensive Player of the Week

Bryant Picone (NYF) 11 rebs, 7 blks

Picone simply made the painted area unavailable for the Quicks in the half court. His 7 blks is a league-high so far this season.

Runner-Up: Joe Kim (SLA) 6 stls
The "High Five" Club

Harris Chung (SLA) 13-4-1-1-1
Rob Toste (FAS) 7-5-5-1-2
Derrick Tyson (SWA) 9-9-2-4-2
Discorama Rookie of the Week

Ezra Hoover (QIK) 14 pts, 7 rebs, 1 ast, 2 stls

Runner-Up: Jared Sper (SLA) 13 pts, 9 rebs, 1 stl
The "John Starks" Award

S. Young (QIK) | 4-14 FGs (.286)

Young doesn't have many games like this but like any true shooter, he never stopped pulling, his last shot gave QIK an surprising chance to tie.

Dishonorable Mention: J. Lam (SWA) 2-9 FGs

The "Chris Dudley" Award

Dave Liu (SWA) | 2-6 FTs (.333)

If this keeps up, we might have to start calling Liu, "Baby Jiang." But, SWA went ahead an pulled out their first win, despite the missed FTs.

Dishonorable Mention: Alex Cho (NYF) 3-6 FTs

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