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2K7 FALL Weekly Power Rankings (Wk 10)FBNYC, 1.29.08
Dreamers are coming together, but Fury Blue is no. 1

Season's longest win streak puts Fury Blue atop the rankings.

It must look a little strange to have a 4-3 team top two 5-2 squads in the PR but it's not where you been it's where you're at. FB squads are risin' and fallin' like the Dow Jones. Don't put the house on any one team to finish out no. 1... and don't bet that team is a lock to win it all. -- K.J. Li
FBNYC 2K7 FALL Power Rankings - Week 10 (01.26.08)
Diff. Rank Team




There the hottest team in the league and they had the week off. Four straight wins is no small feat. They'll try to make it 5 on Saturday to lock up the no. 1 seed by beating rival Fury Black.




They've looked inconsistent for much of the season, but it finally looks like DLE is starting to gel and just at the right time.




(F) Tony Hu and the Fury Black are an offensive powerhouse, but if you can't get guys to show, you can't win in the playoffs. Bringing (G) Eddie Shieh out of retirement to run point will be huge for FBK.




Rimmers are laying in the cut, waiting for the playoffs. The question is will their backcourt be available? Meanwhile, they've locked up the 4th seed and are looking forward to their matchup with TCB.




TCB is more competitive every game but for one reason or another they can't pull one out. They have bigs, they have scoring. They need (G) Mark Yiin back. Don't count TCB out yet, they don't want to finish 0-8.

Observations... I see George Chan on the FBK roster... where is George Chan? ..."Bang" Takenouchi was All-World last Saturday, 20 and 10, 7-8 shooting? ...berry bananas foster... and didn't break a sweat... seems like every season, just around playoff time, the Commish gets his shooting touch back... do you prefer "Butter" Yu spicy or extra spicy?

2K7 FALL Week 10 RecapFBNYC, 1.27.08
Clock Blockers (60) v. Fury Black (72) recap
Player of the Game
Ren Hsieh (FBK) 19 pts, 3 asts, 2 stls

Below the Rim (62)  v. DL East (71) recap
Player of the Game
Bang Takenouchi (DLE) 20 pts, 4 rebs, 10 asts
For the second straight week the Black came out weak in the first half, looking particularly slow with captain (G) Ren Hsieh hobbling on the same sore right knee that's slowed him for the past 2 seasons. more...
It was all just a little too easy for DLE (G) Bang Takenouchi. With backcourt mate (G) Vince Sutherland, starting for the 2nd game in a row for the absent (G) Usama Nasrudeen, DLE opened up the 1st half with... more...

2K7 FALL "A" Top Plays of Week 7 & 8FBNYC, 1.24.08

Check the way of the samurai... Bang puttin' it down... Fury Black droppin' bombs, Roger Rabbit doin' work... and nothin' less than Pogo guest of honor at the block party to cap... hajimi!  -- C.B. Lee

2K7 FALL Players of the Week (Wks 8 & 9)FBNYC, 1.22.08
Chris Stevens (BTR)
F | 6-4 | 190 lbs
Weeks 8 & 9 Stats
PPG: 23.5
RPG: 11.0
BPG: 3.5

Pogo had a huge game that ended up a loss, then a quiet one that finished a win... if you can call 19 rebs and 4 blks a quiet game. Stevens' ability to make an impact whether or not he's converting from the field is the true gauge of his worth.
Tony Hu (FBK)
F | 6-3 | 215 lbs
Weeks 8 & 9 Stats
PPG: 28.5
RPG: 11.0
APG: 3.0

Stevens and FBK's Tony Hu are the front-runners for league MVP and with good reason. FBK's loose cannon style may seem counter-intuitive to Hu's bruising half-court game, but he's the anchor, the steady for a team that often needs one.
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