Premier Division

1st Division


2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (4-1)
2. SK War Dog (4-1)

. Guard Me Maybe (3-1)
4. Thunder (3-2)

5. Gritty FOB City (2-3)

6. Tri-State InvAsian (2-3)

7. Shawty Likes the Way (1-3)
8. Space Jam (0-5)

Occidental Conference
1. MediaBrix (4-1)
2. Just Rise (4-1)
3. TAP NY (4-1)
4. Raptors (3-2)
5. NYC Gritty Committee (2-3)
6. Sex Panthers (2-3)
7. Japan United (1-4)

8. Goon Squad (0-5)



2K10 SUM Season OpenerFBNYC, 6.15.10

Deutsche Bank Connections vs. The Monstars | Wednesday (6/16) 10:00pm @ Chinatown YMCA

Career Statistics
T. Hu
17.4 ppg
53% FGs
11.2 rpg
2.8 apg
N. Harring
ANALYSIS: It's funny, summer rolls around, weekdays open up and all of a sudden, the BLUE league is stacked top to bottom. Everyone loves summerball, or is it that everyone loves the chance to play the Chip in Madison Square Garden? Whatever the reason, the DB Connections and MonStars will have plenty of talent on display.

Both are expansion teams but virtually all of DBC has played in FBNYC before, including former MVP (F) Tony Hu. 6-7 rookie (F) Jin Hong should make a splash. The MonStars, on the other hand, will feature 6-9 (C) Nick Harrington, a rookie only by technicality. The current Euro-pro should make a bid for MVP while trying to carry MST to the Garden.

For now, it's hard to tell who might be the better team but one thing's for sure, this season opener will say a lot right away about where the talent level is this season. -- The Jet

DB Connections
GR GR The MonStars
(G) Ace Watana
5-10, 160 lbs



(G) Michael Nelson
5-11, 180 lbs

Watanasuparp is a quick, veteran PG that can make the three. He also has pedigree as a walk-on at UCONN. Nelson described as a crafty PG with great vision.
(G) Mark Lee
5-10, 170 lbs



(G) Kevin Kentish
6-0, 175 lbs
Saint Vincent

Both these scorers made  their big splash in the RED league. Both are athletic with Lee bringing a penchant for big shots and Kentish an uncanny ability to finish.
(F) Jin Hong
6-7, 190 lbs
College of St. Rose



(F) Richard Baptiste
6-5, 215 lbs
Brooklyn College

Hong is DBC's tallest and most athletic but SF may be his most effective position. Baptiste is a 3-time DIII All-American and knows how to fill it up.
(F) Tony Hu
6-3, 230 lbs



(F) Mike ???

The former MVP Hu is as big a load as they come in this league, few use their bodies better. He'll be tough in the paint.
(C) Bryant Picone
6-6, 225 lbs



(C) Nick Harrington
6-9, 230 lbs
Southern Vermont

Picone is a two-time Defensive MVP but for the first time this season, he will face a slew of bigger players. Harrington should be more than a handful.
(F) Chris Youn
(F) Frisco Alkine
(F) Ray Lee



(G) BJ Grant
(G) Eric Tuy
(G) Rommel Reece

Youn will be a big, versatile contributor off the bench and new additions carry plenty of size. MST is loaded with FB regulars. (G) BJ Grant and (G) Eric Tuy provide some speed and (F) Rommel Reece is solid.

2K10 SPR Championship ReviewFBNYC, 5.24.10

Fury makes it twice as nice

With a team effort 'P-Ro' and the Fury hold off resilient Hypebeasts

MLK HS, NYC -- Well, one thing is for certain, you can never count the Fury out. Like the Slayers in two seasons before them, the Fury didn't always look good in 2K10 SPR, but they always seem to build the right chemistry at just the right time.
A lot of that has been thanks to the late season awakening of (G) Rommel Dolar. Again. They call him "P-Ro" this time of season, as in "Playoff Rommel."

C | Bryant Picone (NYF) | 4th season
3.0 2.0 4.0^
^Game high *Team high
(3) Hypebeasts
(4) NYC Fury
Other Top Performers
NYC Fury
G. Chan
Pts: 22
Reb: 7
Ast: 2
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
R. Dolar
Pts: 15
Reb: 3
Ast: 7
Stl: 3
Blk: 0
H. Chu
Pts: 16
Reb: 4
Ast: 0
Stl: 2
Blk: 0
J. Kim
Pts: 12
Reb: 4
Ast: 4
Stl: 0
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points G. Chan 22
R. Dolar 15
Rebounds G. Chan 7
B. Picone 19
Assists I. Yu 10
R. Dolar 7
Steals I. Yu 3
R. Dolar 3
Blocks N/A
B. Picone 4


NYF (C) Bryant Picone followed up a playoff record 22 rebs vs. QIK with 19 more. His 18.3 rpg is a BLUE post-season record.

NYF (G) Rommel Dolar averaged 5.7 ppg more this post-season than in the regular season. His 7 asts was also a career-high.

HYP (F) George Chan's 22 pts made it 24 ppg this post-season, tied with FAS (F) Nic Echevestre for the league-lead.
Often quiet through most of the regular season, Dolar wasn't even on the roster for the first 6 wks until the loss of (G) Steven Chen and allowed his addition as a roster exception. But this time, Dolar needed help. Despite an early 4-pt advantage due to a late arriving Hypebeasts squad, and an early 3rd qtr lead of up to 13 pts, HYP never backed down and never quit. This one went down to the wire.It started with a solid opening period from both teams as HYP seemed undaunted by the early deficit. Both teams opened with steady shooting, uncharacteristic of games of this magnitude but key jumpers from HYP (F) Jason Wu and NYF (F) Pat Layton opened it up early. By the 2nd qtr, however, the Fury started to pull away with Dolar and (C) Bryant Picone leading the way. Not to mention (G) Joe Kim returning from IR.

NYF looked like a well-oiled machine, working inside-out creating open jumpers for Layton, Dolar and (G) Alex Cho which they converted. HYP also pounded the ball inside but struggled to finish around the basket in the 1st half and received little more from the perimeter until later in the game. Captain (G) Ian Yu, however, kept his team composed with some early time-outs and he and (G) Sam Jenkins kept (F) George Chan and (C) Howie Chu involved throughout.

Give the Hypebeasts credit for never scaling it back, they're game-plan seem to be to shove it down the Fury's throat and that's what they tried to do. After pounding the ball inside, play after play, the Fury interior D, led by Picone in a Herculean effort, but which relied heavily on slight (F) Pat Layton and rookie (F) Seho Lee to help back side, finally began to crack late in the 3rd. 

Even with the Fury adjusting, pulling Cho to sub in Lee for more size to handle Chu, the HYP big man imposed his will in the paint, posting up, finishing in transition and cleaning up garbage points. Lee quickly fouled out, finishing with a solid hustle game but leaving the Fury no other choice but to sub in usual starter (F) Rich Chang, still nursing a severely sprained ankle, a move they had only wanted to go to in an emergency. This was it, and Chang, in gutsy effort, stopped the bleeding to end the 3rd. But, Chu's 12 pts were part of a 21-9 run through the end of the period that brought HYP within 1-pt, 50-49 going into the 4th qtr.

All this occurred despite the fact reigning league MVP Ian Yu had never gotten it going offensively, perhaps settling for too many perimeter shots. Yu finished 0-5 from the 3-pt line. He did, however, create for his teammates and through the 4th qtr, Chan was strong in the paint and Jenkins hit two key 3FGs to keep HYP on pace with the Fury. But, the Hypebeasts never could get a stop. If it wasn't a timely 3FG by Dolar, it was a key jumper and dribble drive by Kim. Even Cho, reentering the game, hit a big floater down the stretch.

Down three under the 1:00 min mark, HYP had to foul but for the first time this season, it seemed like NYF's closer, Dolar, couldn't quite get it done, missing two FTs to keep HYP within one shot. With only :06.7 secs left, Dolar made just 1 of 2 FTs to give NYF a 3-pt lead. HYP, with no more time-outs quickly inbounded to Yu who streaked down the sideline. But, in an staggering display of speed, Dolar ran beside him and took away the ball. He quickly passed to a streaking Cho who iced it 66-61. And, just like that, even when it seemed like he couldn't do it again, he did. P-Ro sealed the deal and the Fury repeat. -- "Scoop" Jack Sun

2K10 SPR Championship PreviewFBNYC, 5.20.10
(3) Hypebeasts vs. (4) NYC Fury | Sunday (5/23) 2:30pm @ MLK HS

G. Chan
25.0 ppg
11.0 rpg
2.0 apg
2.5 bpg
B. Picone
10.5 ppg
18.0 rpg
2.0 apg
6.0 bpg
ANALYSIS: I'd be tempted to call the Fury the hottest team in the league right now as they have seemed to come out of nowhere in their return trip to the Chip but the Hypebeasts have made it look real easy to get this far, averaging a whopping 78 ppg in the process. Yes, there was that blowout against the Crossbearers but more impressively, they also put The Agents to rest with 83 total points.

Not only that, they have two players averaging 20+ ppg in (F) George Chan and (F) Jason Wu with 25 ppg and 21.5 ppg respectively. While captain (G) Ian Yu is putting up 7 apg. Those are certainly some impressive numbers but NYF has "Playoff Rommel" on tap. (G) Rommel Dolar is once again dominating the post season but perhaps even less so than teammate 6-6 (C) Bryant Picone, that 18 rpg and 6 bpg is not a misprint. "Paul Bunyan" simply annihilated the Quicks in the semis but one thing HYP does have is more beef in Chan and (C) Howie Chu.

: HYP's Wu has been the difference since their slump toward the end of the season to where they are now. He gives them an extra dimension, a guy who could be a featured scorer but feeds well off of Yu and Chan. He's athletic and as good a defender as he is in the open court. And, his jumpshot has been surprisingly consistent. For NYF, it's been (G) Alex Cho all season. When he's hitting his jumper, the Fury are hard to contain. With Dolar getting to the rim whenever he wants, Cho will get a lot of looks.
-- The Jet

(G) Ian Yu



(G) Rommel Dolar

The self-proclaimed "Yulogy" has had an off season trying to balance his large roster but he's been solid in the playoffs. Dolar is on his way to another All-Tourney Team berth.
(G) Sam Jenkins



(G) Joe Kim

HYP's best deep threat hasn't quite found the stroke so far but he's capable of heating up quick. Kim returns, though still not 100%, he'll replace (G) James Choi on the roster.
(G) Jason Wu



(G) Alex Cho

Wu gives HYP a bigger line-up than NYF but Cho has been dynamic, finding ways to score inside and out. NYF, however, can't afford to be pulled out of their zone.
(F) George Chan



(F) Rich Chang

"Big" George has destroyed front-courts so far this post-season but they haven't played any team as big as NYF. Chang played through a bad sprain in the semis. He is questionable.
(C) Howie Chu



(C) Bryant Picone

As good as Chu has been--and he's been very good--Picone blows those numbers out of the water. The reigning Defensive MVP has simply dominated on the defensive end.




HYP's once deep bench is thinning but if (F) Mamadou Hanne is in, they have a slasher and solid defender. Fury bench, short as it is, has come up big. (F) Pat Layton was huge vs. QIK.

(3) Hypebeasts
(4) NYC Fury

2K10 SPR Playoff Results (Week 2)FBNYC, 5.18.10
2K10 SPR PLAYOFFS - Semifinals

(1) NYC Quicks
(4) NYC Fury
Player of the Game
B. Picone (NYF) 16 pts, 22 rebs, 7 blks

2K10 SPR Playoffs (Week 12) League Highs... Points: Alex Cho (NYF) 22, Ezra Hoover (QIK) 20... 3FGs: Alex Cho (NYF) 2, James Choi (NYF) 2, Eugene Cleghorn (QIK) 2, Rommel Dolar (NYF) 2, Shaun Young (QIK) 2... Rebounds: Bryant Picone (NYF) 22, [4 players] 6... Assists: James Choi (NYF) 6, Shaun Young (QIK) 4... Steals: Eugene Cleghorn (QIK) 2, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 2, [5 players] 1... Blocks: Bryant Picone (NYF) 7, Ezra Hoover (QIK) 2 

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