Premier Division
1. MediaBrix (5-1)
2. Dribbling Seamen (4-2)
3. Team AXA (4-2)
4. Basketball Reasons (3-3)
5. Goat Herders (3-3)
6. Fastbreak NYC (3-3)
7. The Monstars (3-3)
8. Renegades (3-3)
9. Top Stars (3-4)
10. Free Agents (0-7)

1st Division
1. Rockstars (5-1)
2. NYC Gritty Committee (5-1)
3. iVentureCap (4-2)
4. Sexy Bears (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (4-2)
6. Renaissance Men (4-2)
7. Dem Boyz (1-5)
8. Warriors (1-6)
9. NYCE (0-7)

2nd Division
1. Sex Panthers (5-1)
2. TAP NY (5-1)
3. SK War Dog (5-1)
4. Raptors (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (3-3)
6. Spaghetti Ramen (2-4)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (2-4)
8. Ball Handles (2-5)
9. Running Suckers (0-7)


2K9 FALL Season PreviewFBNYC, 9.30.09
2K9 FALL Season Preview

Teams making unprecedented moves to gear up for summer league

After a short summer hiatus, the RED league is back and looking just as strong as ever. The stalwarts remain, the Slayers and NYC Fury both return along with long-time franchise the Average Joes, re-dubbed the Swagganauts. The surprise newcomers and 2K9 SPR finalists, NYC Quicks, also return. This time with some beef in paint. And this season's new squad, Audacity of Dope makes the move up from the WHITE league.

The only thing missing is for the first time in 5 seasons, there will be no team with GM Jiwon Kim at the helm. But add to that mix, a strong FA team headlining (F) Rob Toste, bruising (C) Mike Song and the highly-touted rookie (G) David Chu and you got some challengers in the mix. It's all up in the air right now, especially now that 2K9 SPR MVP (F) Joe Kim defected from NYF to join a Slayers squad who lost (F) Harris Chung for the season. There should be some fireworks this season. -- Kenny "The Jet" Li



Chip MVP:

Season MVP:
Def. MVP:
Outst. Rookie:
NYC Fury
NYC Quicks
Alex Cho (NYF)

Kenneth Van (QIK)
Bryant Picone (NYF)
David Chu (FAS)
Chip MVP:

Season MVP:
Def. MVP:
Outst. Rookie:
NYC Quicks
The Slayers
Kenneth Van (SLA)

Joe Kim (SLA)
Steven Chen (NYF)
Kevin Coll (QIK)

Rank Team Record Preview Notes



Even with (F) Joe Kim and (G) James Choi gone, the Fury have always had plenty of depth. (G) Alex Cho and (G) Steve Chen will step back into primary roles--something they did before joining NYF. 6-5 (C) Bryant Picone re-joins the team and (F) Young Yu will help fill the scoring void left by Choi and Kim.



Quicks bring back the fun and gun and add (G) Kenneth Van who replaced (G) Ren Hsieh on the '09 Chinese Nationals squad. But, perhaps, even a bigger impact is the addition of legit bigs (C) Kevin Coll and (F) Victor Chia--though neither has been quite yet confirmed.



Captain (F) Dave Liu has to be feeling good after winning his first Chip in the 2K9 SUM WHITE league. But, All-FBNYC (C) Brian O'Neill won't be around. Liu has his old TAJ teammates so chemistry should be there, the question will be the new additions, which by all accounts, should make an immediate impact.
Rank Team Record Preview Notes



Make no mistake, the Slayers are still defending Champs. Most of the roster will remain intact. Veteran (F) John Chung will be brought up from the 2K9 SUM WHITE league team but the marquee addition was luring (F) Joe Kim away from the Fury. (C) Jiang Yu is quickly becoming the Shaq of FBNYC, first (G) Kevin Park (Kobe), then (F) Harris Chung (Lebron), now Kim (Wade).



This is as solid an FA team as we've seen. But it depends on how they mesh. Individual talent they got. (F) Rob Toste is versatile and clutch, (F) Mike Song and (F) Malik Taylor complement each other well. (F) Jason Woo helps any team and (G) David Chu may be poised for a breakout rookie season.



Captain (C) Len Kamdang gives Audacity of Dope a legit big who is surprisingly agile and (G) Andrew Hara is a versatile guard capable of leading this team. Supporting cast (F) Vince Sutherland, (G) Hanson Hui and (F) Clinton Starghill all fit well but it just feels like they need something. One pure scorer.

NYC Fury vs. Bounce Charity Game @ Madison Square GardenFBNYC, 9.21.09
On Sept. 13th, Fastbreak NYC hosted a charity game between the NYC Fury and Bounce Magazine to raise funds for Taiwan's recent typhoon relief efforts. With little more than a week to plan, the game raised just over $1000 for victims of Typhoon Morakot.

Now, FBNYC and Bobbito Garcia from Bounce Magazine are auctioning off a fresh pair of Limited Edition 25th Anniversary "Kool Bob Love" Nike Air Force Ones. All proceeds will go to continuing relief efforts in the wake of Typhoon Morakot.

Nike LBJ "More Than a Game" TourFBNYC, 9.14.09

Limited Edition FBNYC "Dragon Mask" T-Shirts Now on Sale!FBNYC, 8.24.09


You might have seen the FBNYC staff wearing this sweet ass t-shirt around and now it's finally on sale. Introducing Fastbreak NYC's first designer t-shirt custom-created by Jerry Ma of the famed Epic Proportions clothing company (www.epicprops.com).

This is a VERY LIMITED EDITION t-shirt. Only 30 are available for sale and 8 11 are already gone. All shirts are printed on super-soft American Apparel tees. No sexier or more comfortable way to rep your favorite recreational basketball league.

You can buy 'em at the scorer's table during games or e-mail the Commish (
ren@fastbreaknyc.com) for delivery options.

Price: $20 | Navy shirt w/ white and gold ink | Sizes available: M, L, XL

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