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2K7 FALL Weekly Power Rankings (Wk 4)K.J. Li, 11.15.07
Below the Rim still in top form

Rimmers haven't missed a beat since last season's Chip

Below the Rim's 2K6 Fall MVP (F) Christian Stevens is back and better than ever. And BTR is welcoming him back with open arms, making the difference in each of their 3 wins. Meanwhile, the Fury Black still looks tough, even after losing 2K7 SPR MVP (F) Darren Jiang. Adding (F) Tony Hu and (G) Phil Moon to the roster doesn't hurt. Rounding it out is the Fury Blue with another formidable front line and the two newbies, the Clockblockers and some of the Dreamleague's finest on Dreamleague East. -- K.J. Li

Below the Rim [-3] v. DreamLeague East | O/U: 125

DLE is going to be looking to make some noise all season. None better than to beat the defending Champs. But that's easier said than done. BTR is a 3 point favorite but they're gonna have to score more points than they're used to to win this one. -- K.J. Li
FBNYC 2K7 FALL Power Rankings - Week 4 (11.10.07)
Diff. Rank Team




This is the most complete team in the league. The bench is a little short but they have a premium player at every position. Without a doubt, they're the mid-season favorites.




Black just want to get back in the big one and they've committed to that by making some major roster moves. Getting (G) Ren Hsieh back closer to 100% doesn't hurt either.




DLE might be the most talented team in the league. (G) Banglee Takenouchi, (G) Usama Nasrudeen and (F) Yoshi Kagitomi are perennial All-Stars in the DL. Add to that some bigs and last season's slam dunk winner, (F) Varun Bhartiya, and you got yourself a contender.




The Fury Blue have just as formidable (if young) front line as anyone in the league and their young guards are starting to get in the swing of things. They'll need the regular season to build chemistry, but a deep playoff run is more than a possibility.




The Clockers have talent at the guard spots but they're struggling to find consistent scoring in the paint.  Shooters they got, but they're gonna need (F) Kevin Forde to start dunking more than drop passes.
No games played yet.

Observations... DLE (G) "Bang" Takenouchi just might get the most highlight clips this season, but the Commish shouldn't be far behind... Roger Redhead will shoot and when he's makin' them like he was last week, lights out... FBE (C) Rich Chang is quietly putting up a solid season... poor segue, dunks... the question isn't IF anyone will dunk anymore, but when and who... I've got my money on Pogo... but K-Forde looks ready to blow... no games next week for Turkey Day... have a good one.

2K7 FALL Top Plays of Weeks 3 & 4Duke Hogwild, 11.14.07
More top plays from Weeks 3 & 4... Pogo gettin' nasty, the Commish droppin' dimes, Phil Moon all acrobatic up in here and introducing... DLE's "Bang" Takenouchi. -- C.B. Lee

2K7 FALL Conference Players of the Week (Wk 4)FBNYC, 11.13.07
Rich Chang (FBE)
F | 6-4 | 195 lbs
Week 4 Stats
PPG: 12.0
RPG: 13.0
BPG: 2.0

Chang has been solid for the Blue this season, leading his team in points (14.0 ppg) and FG% (but also TOs). He's been their most consistent front court player this season and with their 1st win it looks like they're getting a little help in the back.
R. Redhead (FBK)
F | 6-3 | 205 lbs
Week 4 Stats
PPG: 22.0
APG: 5.0
SPG: 2.0

Fury Black's stalwart (F) Roger "Rabbit" Redhead comes back with a huge game after last week's crunch time debacle. Against a much bigger DLE team, the Black played fun & gun ball and somehow pulled it out, just don't ask them how.
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2K7 FALL Week 4 RecapFBNYC, 11.11.07
Fury Black (65) v. DL East (62) recap
Player of the Game
Roger Redhead (FBK) 22 pts, 5 rebs, 2 stls
Fury Blue (58) v. Clock Blockers (43) recap
Player of the Game

Rich Chang (FBE) 12 pts, 13 rebs, 2 blks

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