Premier Division
1. MediaBrix (5-1)
2. Dribbling Seamen (4-2)
3. Team AXA (4-2)
4. Basketball Reasons (3-3)
5. Goat Herders (3-3)
6. Fastbreak NYC (3-3)
7. The Monstars (3-3)
8. Renegades (3-3)
9. Top Stars (3-4)
10. Free Agents (0-7)

1st Division
1. Rockstars (5-1)
2. NYC Gritty Committee (5-1)
3. iVentureCap (4-2)
4. Sexy Bears (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (4-2)
6. Renaissance Men (4-2)
7. Dem Boyz (1-5)
8. Warriors (1-6)
9. NYCE (0-7)

2nd Division
1. Sex Panthers (5-1)
2. TAP NY (5-1)
3. SK War Dog (5-1)
4. Raptors (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (3-3)
6. Spaghetti Ramen (2-4)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (2-4)
8. Ball Handles (2-5)
9. Running Suckers (0-7)



Hope all of you enjoyed your birds last night and I hope none of you are Lions fans. Just wanted to remind everyone that there are NO GAMES THIS SATURDAY (11/29) for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hope all of you enjoy your holiday weekend and try to get on that exercise bike once or twice so nobody gets hurt in Week 4. See you next Saturday. -
- Ren, Commissioner, FBNYC

FBNYC presents the Winner Take All Asian 3-on-3 Basketball TourneyFBNYC, 10.20.08
Thanks to all the teams and fans who came out to play and support FBNYC's 1st Annual Winner Take All 3-on-3 Asian Basketball Tournament. We hope all the participants had as much fun playing as we did running the tourney. MLK HS was buzzing with anticipation and competitive spirit from the first tip-off.

This event is just the first of many we have planned for the future, so stay tuned. Thanks again to all the teams and organizations for their support. SPECIAL THANKS go out to Mr. Choi's grocery and Larry Chow and Maximum Output for all their help and moral support.

Big ups also go to Coach Jake, the refs, Mr. Gay and Mr. Mobley, as well as Tony Hu, Mo Ghunman, Mark Lee, Sung and Andre from the DL for help getting the word out. Here are the results...

WTA 3-on-3 Champions, NYC Fury (L to R): (F) Rich Chang, (C) John Foss, (G) James Choi and (F) Harris Chung.
Though every team was able to make the playoffs, only (5 seed) Below the Rim, (3) Team SDR, 2) Maximum Output and host team (1) NYC Fury made it through to the Semi-Finals. Team SDR managed to upset the previously undefeated Max Out and the Fury (also undefeated) handled Below the Rim.

The Finals became a showdown between two big and versatile teams but ultimately, Team SDR, with captain (G) Shawn Delos Reyes hobbled by an ankle injury, was outpaced by (C) John Foss and the Fury. NFY jumped out to an early lead thanks to Foss' low-post prowess which better enabled the play-making ability of (F) Chris Youn and (G) James Choi. (F) Harris Chung was solid in his defense of All-Tourney Team (F) Nic Echevestre. The Fury never relinquished that lead despite solid efforts from Delos Reyes, Echevestre and their big man.

For more highlights, click here. For photos, click here.

All-Tourney Team: H. Chung (NFY),
N. Echevestre (SDR), J. Foss (NFY), J. Scheiman (BTR), A. Stewart (MXO)

Unfortunately, the INTERMEDIATE Finals were cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. Finalists (8) Hypebeasts and (3) Team Jason Chan relunctantly agreed to split the prize and the trophies. We can't say enough how much we regret the outcome and we will take steps in the future to prevent any such repeat occurrences.

For more tournament highlights, click here. For tournament photos, click here.

All-Tourney Team: Austin Han (INI),
Kwok Fung (VIL), Johnny Lam (GOD), Steve Liu (RED), Jack Ma (CHA), Min Park (BNY), Jason Yee (MXO), Ian Yu (HYP)

FBNYC Champions League: 2008-09 NBA Fantasy BasketballFBNYC, 10.16.08
Fastbreak NYC presents
FBNYC Champions League
Fantasy Basketball League for Charity

The Champions League is back... last year's winner, William "The Animal" Wang (MCH) has already re-signed to take on all challengers.

This year's Champions League offers cash prizes and a percentage of all proceeds will go to the charity of the 1st place finisher's choice.

The draft date is not set yet so please e-mail me at ren@fastbreaknyc.com to get signed up. We will be powered by Yahoo! Sports.  9 players from last season's league have already returned. We want to sign-up to about 5-7 more players to keep things competitive.

So get that NBA League Pass bill paid and sign up for FBNYC's Champions League to get yourself year-long bragging rights.

-- Ren, Commissioner, FBNYC

FBNYC presents the Winner Take All 3-on-3 Basketball TourneyFBNYC, 10.14.08

Every team will play at least (3) games. Rules will basically follow the Annual Chinatown Summer 3-on-3 except there will be a shot-clock, whether physically or by scorekeeper/ref count. For a full listing of details visit the FBNYC Events blog here.

MEN'S ELITE and INTERMEDIATE divisions will start and finish on Saturday (10/18) and MEN'S 5-10 UNDER division will start and finish on Sunday (10/19).

Rosters must consist of only players of at least 25% East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Arabic or Pacific Island descent unless otherwise noted.


- $150 per team
- 5 player limit
- 3 games min.
- IAABO refs
- $1000 cash prize

* All teams are allowed to have (1) non-Asian player. We recommend players in ELITE not play in lower divisions.

- $125 per team
- 5 player limit
- 3 games min.
- IAABO refs

- $600.00 cash prize

* Players in the 5-10 and Under division may play in all divisions. Rosters must all be of Asian descent.

- $100 per team
- 5 player limit
- 3 games min.
- IAABO refs playoffs

- $400.00 cash prize

* Participants in INT should be roughly high school level. Rosters must all be of Asian descent.

For more info, please e-mail Ren Hsieh (ren@fastbreaknyc.com) or post a comment.

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