2K7 FALL Weekly Power Rankings (Wk 7)K.J. Li, 12.13.07
Rimmers fall, DLE and Blue gain ground

Teams pick up key wins just in time for holidays

The standings got a little shaken up over the past couple of weeks as BTR saw two tough losses, one without their floor leader (G) Jon Scheiman. On the winning side of both those L's were DreamLeague East and Fury Blue respectively. Both teams look to gain ground in their conference as the playoffs near and both are looking more cohesive as the season has progresses. It's been an exciting couple of weeks. Check the rankings. -- K.J. Li

FBNYC 2K7 FALL Power Rankings - Week 7 (12.13.07)
Diff. Rank Team




Losing (G) Phil Moon for the season is tough but additions (F) Tony Hu and (C) George Chan have this run & gun team shooting with even less conscience than before. So far that's been a good thing.




They got the tools, they got the talent. And they've been winning with their entire backcourt in some kind of funk. (G) Bang Takenouchi and (G) Usama Nasrudeen looked All-FBNYC in their first couple of games, but lately... they just haven't. (F) Yoshi Kagitomi and (F) Varun Bhartiya have been holding it down, however, and (F) Wilson Wang is showing a penchant for making big shots.




Even with two L's in a row, BTR is the team to beat come playoffs. What two L's does, however, is take away some of that intimidating mystique. They're not unbeatable after all. (F) Christian Stevens is having another MVP-caliber season, but he needs help in the scoring column.




FBE looked pretty damn good against a Scheiman-less Rimmers squad. They still had to take on the BTR frontline, and as I've mentioned before, the Blue's bigs are a formidable bunch. (C) Bryant Picone's return and (G) James Choi getting acclimated to Blue has been key.




They haven't gotten over the hump for that first win yet, but the TCB frontline is looking better every week. Now, if they can get some consistency from the back-court, they should be tough to beat--they haven't exactly been pushovers in their last two. No more "B" league games for (F) Brian Sun, (G) Young Yu and (G) Mark Yiin should help.
No games played yet.

Observations... Pogo is once again sick with it this season... Vic Bhartiya is quietly winning games... the Commish is loving run & gun, and so are Roger Rabbit and Jeff Moy... the Blue are proving you can have multiple leaders, so long as everyone plays right... Picone is huge for the Blue... Clockers' Strebel is puttin' in work right now... just wanted to say big ups to Phil out in Cali, good luck to you... this is it for FB this year... enjoy your holidays and see you after the break. -- K.J. Li

2K7 FALL "A" Week 5 & 6 HighlightsDuke Hogwild, 12.12.07

A week late? Yea, but hopefully this batch will have you forgettin' that real easy... Pogo gives us an instructional video on footwork... Clockblockers block more than clock... and FBK runs layup drills. It's an instructional edition of the Plays of the Week. Love the track. -- C.B. Lee

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2K7 FALL End-of-Season PartyFBNYC, 12.11.07
MK Productions presents
The 2K7 FALL "B" End-of-Season Bash

Yes, another young lady with suggestive bits of her clothing missing. Only this one has no eyes just to maximize objectification, which can only mean one thing. The real 2K7 FALL "B" END-OF-SEASON BASH.

You didn't read that wrong, it's on Saturday, December 15th. There will be two bottles and a table for the 2K7 FALL finalists RTS and G.O.D. which means get there early or there won't be any left to share. Let's all come through and congratulate RTS for their 3rd straight Chip and 4th and 5 seasons.

Congrats to all for making it through another great season, let's all gather and share our merriment in this holiday season. First one to start singing carols gets a free jersey next season.

THE LOC: Club Retox (511 W28th Street btwn. 10th and 11th Ave.)

THE SPECS: All FBNYC friends and fam on the guest list are FREE UNTIL 12:00AM. To RSVP to the guest list, e-mail: bobbykwak@gmail.com.

The dress code is "proper attire." You can decode that anyway you like. -- Ren Hsieh, Commissioner

2K7 FALL Conference Players of the Week (Wks 5, 6 & 7)FBNYC, 12.11.07
James Choi (FBE)
G | 5-7 | 155 lbs
Weeks 5-7 Stats
PPG: 15.0
RPG: 8.0
APG: 6.0

The sparkplug that ignited the Blue's fast start vs. Below the Rim. With Choi as the primary guard, the Blue gets much needed leadership and scoring from mid-range out to the three. Choi will be integral in the FBE playoff run.
Yoshi Kagitomi (DLE)
F | 6-4 | 190 lbs
Weeks 5-7 Stats
PPG: 16.5
APG: 12.5
BPG: 2.0

The Dreamers have won two straight thanks to Yoshi in the low-post. His athleticism and length in the paint have made him DLE's best finisher and a solid low-post defender to boot. Kagitomi currently leads his team in points and rebounds.
All FBNYC 2K7 FALL Conference Players of the Week will receive Discorama's LET BALLERS BALL AWARD, good for a little special treatment at the staple West Village record store: 20% off select items at all three convenient locations.

The Main Store 184 W4th St. | Annex 40 Union Sq. East | NYU Store 44 W8th St.

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