2K7 FALL Players of the Week (Wks 8 & 9)FBNYC, 1.22.08
Chris Stevens (BTR)
F | 6-4 | 190 lbs
Weeks 8 & 9 Stats
PPG: 23.5
RPG: 11.0
BPG: 3.5

Pogo had a huge game that ended up a loss, then a quiet one that finished a win... if you can call 19 rebs and 4 blks a quiet game. Stevens' ability to make an impact whether or not he's converting from the field is the true gauge of his worth.
Tony Hu (FBK)
F | 6-3 | 215 lbs
Weeks 8 & 9 Stats
PPG: 28.5
RPG: 11.0
APG: 3.0

Stevens and FBK's Tony Hu are the front-runners for league MVP and with good reason. FBK's loose cannon style may seem counter-intuitive to Hu's bruising half-court game, but he's the anchor, the steady for a team that often needs one.
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2K7 FALL Week 9 RecapFBNYC, 1.21.08
Below the Rim (53) v. Clk. Blockers (51) recap
Player of the Game
Christian Stevens (BTR) 17 pts, 19 rebs, 4 blks

Fury Black (54) v. Dreamleague East (61) recap
Player of the Game
Yoshi Kagitomi (DLE) 13 pts, 10 rebs, 2 blks
The Clock Blockers have been playing better of late, but it always seems to be a different roster... and the effort still hasn't netted a win. Rimmers squeak by to break their 3-gm losing streak, but just barely.  more...
Despite their no. 1 ranking, the Black are still struggling to get guys to show up. Lucky for FBK, (F) Tony Hu is the attending kind or this one would have been a laugher. DLE coasts to a W, ending their 1-gm slide. more...
Fury Blue (82) v. Clock Blockers (35) recap
Co-Players of the Game
Harris Chung (FBE) 24 pts, 17 rebs, 5 stls
James Choi (FBE) 22 pts, 9 asts, 4 stls

TCB looked solid vs. defending champion BTR but in the back end of a double-header, they just look tired. Unfortunately, the Blue have been waiting for a game to pour it on. They got it. more...

2K7 FALL Weekly Power Rankings (Wk 8)Kenny "The Jet" Li, 1.16.08
Rimmers fall, DLE and Blue gain ground

Teams pick up key wins just in time for holidays

The league did its best to find a sixth team to balance out their conference structure, but unfortunately, they were unable to lock one down. Instead, the league will combine conferences and add an additional game so that every team can play each other twice. Playoffs will determined with the worst two records in the league competing in a "play-in" game for the opportunity to face the #1 seed. The winner of that game will play the victor of seeds #2 and #3.

In the meantime, there is a front-runner, but there's no guarantees. With 8 total games, even the Clockblockers can pull itself back into contention for the #1 seed. It would take a miracle, but it's not impossible.  --
K.J. Li

FBNYC 2K7 FALL Power Rankings - Week 8 (01.12.08)
Diff. Rank Team




Somehow, these guys keep winning. It's not always pretty, like Saturday vs. BTR, but somehow, even though they never seem to have a bench or even five, the Black find a way. Thank (F) Tony Hu.




They've avenged all their losses... that is except for the NYC Fury Black. They'll get a chance in the final game of the season. (F) Andrew Deleon will be a big addition and (G) James Choi is only getting better.




(F) Yoshi Kagitomi struggled along with a short-handed DLE squad. They didn't look anything like the offensive powerhouse they've show hints of being in the past 4 games. Don't expect that to last.




BTR is struggling. But the proof is in the playoffs. Something tells me the Rimmers aren't too worried. Despite the losses, they have the numbers, on offense and defense; and they have the personnel. Maybe they just prefer playing as underdogs.




Blockers will idle Saturday but will get two chances to get in the win column this Saturday.

Observations... The Choir Boy is official... FBK Run & Gun means Rabbit and Moy Boy are still getting it done... without Tony Hu, however, it won't work in the post-season... Picone is huge... welcome back Udonis Deleon... Bang Takenouchi is a James Choi fan... his eyes light up every time he's on the court... Pogo for MVP... or Tony Hu?

2K7 FALL Week 8 RecapFBNYC, 1.14.08
Fury Black (67) v. Below the Rim (58) recap
Player of the Game
Tony Hu (FBK) 25 pts, 11 rebs, 4 asts

Dreamleague East (47) v. Fury Blue (60) recap
Player of the Game
James Choi (FBE) 15 pts, 5 rebs, 7 asts, 4 stls
FBK is still the league's most prolific offense, but defense is what finally put the Black over the top in a back and forth matchup over the defending 2K7 SUM champion Rimmers, giving BTR their third straight loss.  more...
Led by (G) James Choi, the short-handed Fury keep their win streak alive at 3 by outlasting the equally short-handed DLE. The win also saw the return of stalwart (F) Andrew Deleon, once integral to the Fury's success. more...

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