Premier Division
1. Principal Solutions (2-0)
2. Asphalt Ninjas (2-0)
3. NYK Spartans (2-0)
4. Broke Jokes (2-0)
5. NY Dynasty (1-1)
6. Menergy (1-1)
7. Basketball Reasons (1-2)
8. Meta World War (1-2)
9. The Monstars (0-3)
10. Boomtown (0-3)

1st Division

1. Doris From Rego Park (6-2)
2. Sexy Bears (6-2)
3. NY Dynasty (6-2)
4. Adam D Gamblers (4-4)
5. The Agents (4-4)
6. That 70s Team (3-5)
7. The Warriors (3-5)
8. Bloomberg (2-6)
9. Top Stars (2-6)

2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. NYC Gritty Committee (7-1)
Thunder Explosion (6-2)
2. Honey Badgers (6-2)
All White Everything (5-3)
The Lizards (4-3)
Let It Fly (5-2)
7. Tri-State InvAsian (5-3)
8. No Fly Zone (5-3)
Run & Shoot (2-6)
Raptors (2-6)
11. Space Jam (2-6)
12. Shawn Kemp's Kids (2-6)
13. MediaBrix (0-8)

Occidental Conference
1. Sex Panthers (8-0)
2. Shawty Likes The Way (7-1)
3. Gritty FOB City (6-2)
4. SK War Dog (5-3)
5. Rise (5-3)
6. We Dem Boyz (4-4)
Ball So Hard (3-4)
Guard Me Maybe (4-4)
9. Team JBH (3-5)
10. Japan United (3-5)
11. TAP NY (2-6)
12. Eballaz (2-6)
13. Dirk Knights (2-6)
14. Kung Fu Pandas (1-7)

1. Ball So Hard (5-0)
2. MediaBrix (3-2)
3. NY Dynasty (3-2)
4. Thunder (2-3)
5. TAP NY (1-4)
6. B Team (1-4)


2K10 SPR Game of the Week (Wk 3)FBNYC, 2.19.10

Every week, FBNYC's panel of writers and staff will try to showcase what they predict to be the best or most interesting match-up of the week so you can all know which game is the one to watch.
NYC Quicks vs. NYC Fury | Saturday (2/20) 3:00pm @ MLK HS

R. Hsieh
17.5 ppg
2.0 rpg
3.0 apg
1.0 spg
J. Kim
12.0 ppg
6.0 rpg
5.0 apg
2.0 spg
ANALYSIS: Another marquee match-up for the Quicks, this one should more clearly define the league power structure. QIK is in an interesting transitional period. After a successful season with no bigs, they now have (F) Pat Pilar, (C) Ezra Hoover and (F) Alex Stewart. They've shown some signs of greatness in true balance but have been inconsistent. The Fury, on the other hand, played big all last season and are used to what their line-up will bring. Losing dynamic (G) Rommel Dolar hurts but getting back 2K9 FALL's leading scorer (F) Joe Kim in return softens the blow mightily.

X-FACTOR: QIK (G) Ren Hsieh and (F) Shaun Young have been strong, so the key will be getting Hoover and Pilar involved. The Fury have a familiar game-plan but if (F) Rich Chang can keep thriving in the seams and continue to follow up his strong playoffs with what he's done so far, the Fury will be tough to beat. -- Jeff Van Ghandi

NYC Quicks
(G) Wilson Lew



(G) Alex Cho

Lew has yet to make his mark on this season but something tells us it's coming. Cho is a solid scorer who can do whatever NYF asks.
(G) Ren Hsieh



(G) Steven Chen

Hsieh looks better with each game and has thrived in the QIK system. Chen needs time to get his rhythm after a long layoff but he's always one of the league's top defenders.
(F) Kenneth Van



(G) Joe Kim

It's no secret, Van has struggled since QIK went big. But, QIK promises more uptempo, which should help. Kim struggled in Wk 1 and still played big, indicative of what he brings.
(F) Alex Stewart



(F) Rich Chang

After a late arrival to the HYP game, Stewart had little impact. QIK needed him and still needs him. Chang is quietly becoming one of the league's best complementary forwards.
(C) Ezra Hoover



(C) Bryant Picone

Hoover likes to use his athleticism to go over the top of other bigs. The problem is Picone is bigger with a longer reach. QIK will have to get Hoover out in transition to be effective.




Both teams have great benches but Shaun Young is already up for the Sixth Man Award in the early-going. When (F) Will Cheung and (G) Jon Giacobbe join the NYF line-up, they may vie for that title.

NYC Quicks
52 64 70
NYC Fury

2K10 SPR Week 2 Power RankingsFBNYC, 2.18.10
Hypebeasts impressive atop league's elite

Three teams look strong in the early going but none more than HYP

After a strong start by the NYC Quicks, it looked like the power structure was ready to change but an impressive 2nd half rally by the Hypebeasts in their Week 2 match-up kept things basically as they had been predicted in the Season Preview. There are some bonafide scorers in the league this season but so far, it's been defense that's secured the W's. Peep the rankings! -- Kenny "The Jet" Li

FBNYC 2K10 SPR Power Rankings (Week 4)
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




Last season the Hypebeasts went in to occasional scoring droughts. Now, with (G) Sam Jenkins assisting reigning MVP (G) Ian Yu, that shouldn't be a problem. (F) Amin Gillespie and (F) Mamadou Hanne have been solid on D, filling in for the departed (F) James Li and (F) Jason Wu.




The Quicks have a lot of skill players and veteran leadership. They are significantly slower than their first incarnation that went to the Chip but they have another full season to adapt.




Fury looked rusty as a unit on Saturday but still manged to hold off a scrappy Crossbearers team. NYF might have their deepest line-up in recent history as rookie (F) Seho Lee has fit in well and (G) Joe Kim, despite some rust, hasn't missed a beat.




This team already looks much better with (F) Yoshi Kagitomi and (G) Jason Chin taking significant roles. (F) Wilson Wang should give them enough firepower to really start making waves.




The Crossbearers are the youngest team in the league besides maybe the Hypebeasts but the significant difference between the two teams is killer instinct. They have the talent. They just need to play to win.




Default low-ranking for a free agent team but they won't be here long. Much-heralded RED league rookies (F) Nick Watson and (G) Leuis Ng, make the jump to BLUE. (F) Rob Toste and (F) Malik Taylor will join as well as the one and only (F) Nic Echevestre.

Observations... T-Mac to the Knicks, who wants tix? ...big ups to FBNYC Fury repping Asian Americans in the Houston St. YMCA league... Double-OT win vs. the defending champs last night... lot of candidates to lead the league in scoring this season... Joe Kim, Sam Jenkins, Ren Hsieh and yes, Nic Echevestre...  Ian Yu is now the self-proclaimed "Yulogy"... where, oh where can George Chan be?

2K10 SPR Weekly Player Awards (Weeks 1 & 2)FBNYC, 2.16.10
Sam Jenkins (HYP)
G | 6-2 | 180 lbs
Week 1 & 2 Stats
PPG: 18.0
FG%: .500
RPG: 6.0

He's led the team in scoring in their two wins, making 8 3FGs in the process, more than any other player in the league so far. There's no doubt, Jenkins has been an instant impact as HYP's latest backcourt addition in a team full of solid guards.

Runner-Up: Yoshi Kagitomi (AOD) 18 pts, 14 rebs
Ren Hsieh (QIK)
G | 5-9 | 160 lbs
Week 1 & 2 Stats
PPG: 17.5
FG%: .591
APG: 3.0

Hsieh has been working almost a year recovering from a torn meniscus and osteoarthritis. It looks, through 2 gms, like he's back. The veteran is shooting more efficiently than ever and leading a talented QIK team that should be a contender.

Runner-Up: Shaun Young (QIK) 15.5 ppg, 6 rpg
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Yoshi Kagitomi (AOD) 18 pts, 12 rebs

The former JBL pro is simply ageless. Even at 36, Kagitomi will likely be the league's most complete big. Scoring, defense and everything in-between.

Runner-Up: David Li (CRB) 6 rpg, 1 bpg
Defensive Player of the Week

Bryant Picone (NYF) 12 rebs, 3 blks

The defending Defensive MVP might just be the best ever in the league. And, he looks like he keeps getting bigger. Dominant in NYF's opener.

Runner-Up: James Li (CRB) 7.5 rpg, 2 bpg
The High-5 Club

Eugene Cleghorn (QIK) 1-6-2-2-1
Joe Kim (NYF) 12-6-5-2-1
James Li (CRB) 13-8-1-1-2
Alex Stewart (QIK) 12-8-2-4-1
Shaun Young (QIK) 15-4-2-2-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Mike Chan (CRB) 11 pts, 6 reb, 4 stl

Chan has been up and down on the offense end but the skill set is there. A silky smooth scorer, Chan's made his biggest impact on D so far.

Runner-Up: E Cleghorn (QIK) 4.5 ppg, 5 rpg, 2 spg
The "John Starks" Award

James Li (CRB) | 3-14 FGs (.214)

Don't mistake this for Li being a selfish player. He's too unselfish and not shooting good shots with enough confidence. Shoot the ball.

Dishonorable Mention: Mike Chan (CRB) 4-13 FGs

The "Chris Dudley" Award

Dave Wong (QIK) | 1-5 FTs (.200)

Wong is a 70% FT shooter which isn't great but 1-5 FTs in a close one won't do. QIK, uncharacteristically lost this game at the line.

Dishonorable Mention: E. Cleghorn (QIK) 1-4 FTs

2K10 SPR Week 4 ResultsFBNYC, 2.15.10
Hypebeasts (1-0)
NY Crossbearers (0-1)
Player of the Game
Ian Yu (HYP) 10 pts, 4 rebs, 2 stls

NYC Quicks (1-0)
Audacity of Dope (0-1)
Player of the Game
Ren Hsieh (QIK) 15 pts, 3 rebs, 3 asts

NYC Fury (1-0)
NY Crossbearers (0-2)
Player of the Game
Alex Cho (NYF) 17 pts, 2 rebs, 3 stls

Hypebeasts (2-0)
NYC Quicks (1-1)
Player of the Game
Samuel Jenkins (HYP) 24 pts, 7 rebs

FBNYC Game of the Week

After 4 1st qtr 3FGs from QIK (G) Ren Hsieh, HYP (G) Samuel Jenkins returns the favor with the last of his 4 3rd qtr 3FGs, almost single-handedly erasing HYPs' 15-pt deficit.
Hype overcomes 15-pt deficit in comeback win

MLK HS, NYC -- In the lead up to this Game of the Week, much was made of the amount of firepower each side did or didn't have. What was erroneously overlooked was the defense. In a game that saw two one-man offensive explosions, from (G) Ren Hsieh to kick things off with 13 pts in the 1st qtr and HYP rookie (G) Samuel Jenkins with 14 pts in the 3rd, it was the defense that made the sealed this win for the underdog Hypebeasts.

With Hsieh (20 pts, 3 asts) rolling in the 1st half and a carousel of defenders unable to stay in front of him, the Quicks jumped out to an early 13-pt lead. (F) Shaun Young also chipped in 16 pts and rebs as everyone on the roster seemed to be feeding off the hot shooting. (more...)
Week 1 & 2 League Highs... Points: Samuel Jenkins (HYP) 24, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 20... 3FGs: Samuel Jenkins (HYP) 6, Ren Hsieh (QIK) 5... Rebounds: Yoshi Kagitomi (AOD) 14, Bryant Picone (NYF) 12... Assists: Andrew Hara (AOD) 8, Joe Kim (NYF) 5, Wilson Lew (QIK) 5... Steals: Mike Chan (CRB) 4, Alex Stewart (QIK) 4, Alex Cho (NYF) 3... Blocks: Bryant Picone (NYF) 3, James Li (CRB) 2

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