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2K7 SPR Week 3 RecapFBNYC, 4.2.07
Fury Black (64) vs. TBD (49) recap
Player of the Game
D. Jiang (FBK) 26 pts, 18 rebs, 5 asts, 5 stls
B Elite (47) v. Chivas Royals (58) recap
Player of the Game
Tony Hu (CHR) 22 pts, 18 rebs, 5 asts, 4 stls

Below the Rim (59) v. Fury Blue (56) recap
Player of the Game
Scott Linthorst (BTR) 3 pts, 13 rebs, 3 asts, game-winning 3-ptr

In what was supposed to be a rematch of last year's Championship game, most of the 2K6 FALL Champs didn't show. That didn't make the contest any less dramatic, however, as the Rimmers came from behind down 40-28 at halftime to win it on an unlikely buzzer-beating 3-ptr from (F) Scott Linthorst. -- K.J. Li

2K7 SPR Top Plays of Week 1 & 2FBNYC, 3.28.07
It's an honor to present to you... the first "A" league Top 10 of 2007... we got a little bit of everything, dimes, blocks, and1's and a little impromptu 3-pt bank-shooting contest... and on my birthday, too... what better present. Shiner! -- Ren Hsieh, AKA the Commish, AKA the Taipei Tumbler

2K7 SPR Week 1 & 2 RecapFBNYC, 3.26.07
Fury Black (59) vs. Chivas Royals (54) recap
Player of the Game
Darren Jiang (FBK) 24 pts, 14 rebs, 8-13 FGs
Fury Black (75) v. B Elite (61) recap
Player of the Game
Darren Jiang (FBK) 26 pts, 7 rebs, 11-13 FGs
Fury Blue (58) v. B Elite (47) recap
Player of the Game
Chris Youn (FBE) 19 pts, 7 rebs, 3 asts
Below the Rim (33) v. Chivas Royals (57) recap
Player of the Game
Tony Hu (CHR) 18 pts, 19 rebs, 3 asts

Fury Blue (65) v. Fury Black (62) recap
Player of the Game
Dan Kim (FBE) 18 pts, 6 asts, 3-5 3FGs

It shouldn't get any better than this... two squads split from one in a battle for all-out bragging rights... except FBK had their heads in their collective asses for most of this one. The Blue just outplayed their counterparts and they deserved this big win all the way. -- K.J. Li

FBNYC 2K7 SPRING "A" League RegistrationFBNYC, 3.6.07


This season's "A" League will include but is not limited to the following features:

Regular Season Play
The regular season season schedule wiill be determined by the number of teams in the league and will be split into (2) conferences. Teams will play each conference twice and non-conference opponents once.

Full Single-Elimination Playoffs
All teams will make the playoffs. Seeding will be decided by conference record. The Chip will be played with clock-stoppage with five minutes remaining in each half.

In-Depth Stat Tracking and Career Archives
We have the most in-depth league-wide statistical tracking in the Tri-State area... short of the NBA. Season stat tracking and career archives for every team and player in the league.

Player Profiles
Every FBNYC athlete receives his own individual player profile page that logs every player award and statistic he ever records during his time in Fastbreak NYC. Click here for a sample.

Weekly Highlight Video Streams
Every week, our staff videographer, Duke Hogwild, brings you the league's hottest shakes, swats, dunks and dimes. All video highlights will be uploaded to the site, weekly.

Weekly Lines, Box Scores and Recaps
From resident analyst, Kenny "the Jet" Li and the FBNYC staff. Bringing in-depth analysis and photographic evidence of all the games.

New Reversible Dri-Fit Jerseys
We have all new Dri-Fit reversible jerseys from JerseyRack.com for just $150.00 for a set of 10. These jerseys retail at $25.00 each at www.jerseyrack.com.


Presenting the one and only CHIVAS CHAMPIONS' CUP. If you want to know how pretty it is, just ask the NYC Fury.

Only, this one's gonna be bigger than theirs
Big enough to pour a whole BOTTLE OF CHIVAS REGAL into... which comes with the trophy.... bottom's up.

An MVP TROPHY doesn't get much nicer than this. A 15" hand-painted bronze resin basketball sculpture with your name and number engraved in the base.

Just look at how happy last season's MVP, Christian Stevens, looks with his.

ALSO: A comparable-sized SILVER CUP for playoff Runners Up... a very worthy PLAYOFF MVP TROPHY... CUSTOM-MADE HAND-STITCHED JERSEYS FOR ALL STARS... prizes for PLAYERS OF THE WEEK HONORS... and, of course...

The SEASON FINALE AFTER-PARTY* hosted by MK Productions. The guests of honor will be the Championship participants and FBNYC All-Stars and will receive a complimentary table, bottle and beers. All FBNYC players and fans are also invited and will be comped at the door. (*location TBD)

ELIGIBILITY BREAKDOWN: The "A" League allows each team to have two non-Asian American players on the roster. All other players must be must be at least 1/4th East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander or Middle Eastern). For the complete Rules and Regulations click here.


To register please click here. The total cost for the season per team is $1400.00.

Individuals can also sign up as a FREE AGENT for the cost of $140.00.

Please send all checks or money orders to:

430 2nd Street
Carlstadt, NJ 07072

You may also use Paypal to make a payment. Just send it to account name: info@fastbreaknyc.com. There will, however, be a $45.00 processing fee ($5 for Free Agents).

If you make a payment for the total fee before March 10th, we will waive the processing fee.

Have any questions? E-mail FBNYC commissioner Ren Hsieh directly at:

The Fury are waiting for you...

Listen to Bok Lee

Interested teams so far:

Below the Rim
NY Daggers - Invited
Red Elite
Free Asians Select - CONFIRMED
Generation X - Invited
Ghee Unit
- Invited
New York Cruisers - Invited
New York Rockits
- Invited
Renegades - Invited
Terror Squad - Invited
Tri-State InvAsian - Invited
Yamamoto Ballers - Invited

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We are now accepting new team registrations for the Spring 2014 season.

Click here for registration info including scheduling, league fees, and rules.

All games will be played at Martin Luther King. Jr. HS (122 Amsterdam Avenue) unless otherwise noted.

If you have any additional questions, please email Commissioner Ren Hsieh at
Wednesday Nights

League scheduled to start on April 9. Registration will end on April 4.

This is our highest level of play. For serious ballers. Bring the pain. Mostly HS varsity and college exp.

Interested Teams
- AC Cougars
- Basketball Reasons

- Boomtown
- Defense Wins Chips
- Dribbling Seamen
- Fastbreak NYC
- Free Agent Team
- NYK Spartans
- Principal Solutions
- Renegades
- Shawn Kemp's Kids
- Team Pierre Carras

Confirmed in BOLD
Saturday Afternoons

League scheduled to start on April 12. Registration ends on April 9.

Our Intermediate division. Organized experience req, mostly HS Varsity exp.

Interested Teams
- All White Everything
- Chinks In The Armor
- Doris From Rego Park

- Goat Herders
- Guard Me Maybe
- iVentureCap
- NYC Skyline
- Sex Panthers
- Sexy Bears
- Sugarhill
- That 70s Team

- Thunder
- Top Stars
- Warriors

Confirmed in BOLD
Sunday Afternoons

League info coming soon.

Interested Teams
- Ball So Hard
- Blue Dream
- J City
- Last Minute
- McBurney Heat
- No Fly Zone
- NYC Gritty Blue
- NYC Gritty Gray

- Sex Panthers
- SK War Dog Alpha
- SK War Dog Classic
- Team LIF

- X1

Confirmed in BOLD

Please be aware that all gym
locations require you to have
a VALID PHOTO ID to enter.

The King (MLK HS)
122 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10023

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MS 56 Corlears

220 Henry Street
New York, NY 10002

View Larger Map

Chinatown YMCA
273 Bowery Street
New York, NY 10002

View Larger Map