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An Urgent Message From "Li-Ping" LarryFBNYC, 3.5.07
Hey guys,

It's Larry (Li-Ping) from Street Dreams. My school's Battered Women's Rights Clinic is urgently seeking donations of clothing, shoes, winter jackets, and spring jackets for three boys, ages 5, 9, and 10. Additionally, They are also seeking towels and bedding that are in good condition. I can do pick ups.

Thanks in advance,

Larry Leung
CUNY School of Law, J.D. Candidate, May 2009

Jeremy Lin & KJ Matsui in NYCFBNYC, 3.2.07
NCAA DI Asian American athletes square off

NEW YORK, NY -- Just off the wire from Dream League, the source for Asian American basketball news in... America, Harvard frosh PG Jeremy Lin will be matching up with Columbia University sophomore KJ Matsui, the first Japanese Division I Men's basketball player in the country. Will they actually guard each other, who knows? Will they be on the court at the same time? Probably!

Brian Yang at the DL has it that this is only the second time in NCAA history that two Asian American DI basketball players will face off (the first being Lin and Matsui's match-up earlier this season in Cambridge)... of course, Brian can't prove it, but we feel you, B. It's something to be witnessed. So, it's short notice, but if you're not doing anything else, head up to Spanish Harlem and bear witness. -- FBNYC

Visit www.dreamleague.org for Brian Yang's interview with Jeremy Lin.

Alex Stewart and CCNY Just Short of CUNYAC FinalsFBNYC, 3.1.07
FBNYC's 'Freak' falls just short of taking CCNY to Finals

NEW YORK, NY -- The FBNYC staff was just talking about going down to check out former FBNYCer Alex Stewart and his CCNY team when we heard they'd advanced to the Semis in the CUNYAC playoffs. Well, we were a little too late.

CCNY lost to York College 65-62, one win shy of the title game. But congrats to Al and the Beavers for a valiant effort. Big Al finished with 10 pts on 5-6 shooting and five rebounds and was CCNY's regular starter at forward. -- FBNYC

Visit CCNY's official website for more info.

FBNYC 2K6 FALL All-Star GameFBNYC, 11.28.06

Occidental Conference shocks and awes with blowout win

Occidental Conference All-Stars: (under and left of rim; left to right) Jon Scheiman (BTR), Dave Scheiman (BTR), Christian Stevens (BTR), Manfred Mui (X-FTR), Zhang Huang (PS1), Will Lee (PS1), Will Wang (PS1), Wei Zeng (X-FTR), Drew Chen (BZA), Coach: Anthony Thambynayagam.
Oriental Conference All-Stars: (right of rim; left to right) Chris Youn (NYCFoF), Roger Redhead (NYCFoF), Joseph Son (INI-D), Anthony Ng (STR), John Park (INI-D), Rich Chang (NYCFoF), Kevin Quach (STR), Larry Leung (STR), Dan Kim (NYCFoF), Carson Yiu (NYCFoF), Coach: Liren Teng.

As if he needed anymore honors, Pogo's 27 points and 15 rebounds easily makes him this season's All-Star MVP.
OCC ALL-STARS          102
ORC All-Stars             76
Team Stat Comparison

Points 102 76
FG Made-Att 43-92 (.467) 32-82 (.390)
3P Made-Att 13-38 (.342) 14-32 (.438)
FT Made-Att 1-1 (1.000) 0-0 (.000)
53 35
Assists 15 9
Turnovers 18 15
Steals 13 9
Blocks 2 1

Game Leaders
Points C. Stevens 27
C. Youn 23
Rebounds C. Stevens 15
C. Youn 7
Assists J. Scheiman 6
C. Youn 2
Steals Z. Huang 4
K. Quach 2
Blocks C. Stevens 1
R. Chang 1
CHELSEA PIERS -- Despite the fact the All-Star Game is really just fun and games, it doesn't make the players involved any less competitive. The typical All-Star proceedings start with little defense, lots of razzle dazzle, mostly ugly, some fantastic, and suddenly, late in the second half each team turns it on. Well, the OCC turned it on... the ORC did not.

In a shocker, the seemingly overmatched Occidental Conference makes it no contest early in the second half, and in fact, tops the century mark--a first for any game this season.

Despite the Oriental Conference establishing itself as the deeper, and in fact, stronger conference all season long, the OCC All-Stars remind us all why you still have to play the game. While both teams actually did play defense from the tip (more than is really necessary for an All-Star affair) it was more fatigue from the days' playoff games that contributed
to the poor shooting.

The Occidental Conference would soon, however, find its stroke and start to pull away. Even X-Factor center Manfred Mui sank a three. Only Roger Redhead's five first half 3s kept the ORC in the game.

The second half saw the OCC continue to pull away with a 3-pt barrage and huge advantage on the offensive boards--particularly from the BTR crew who saw their entire Big Three (Scheiman, Scheiman & Stevens) make squad. Late in the second half, OCC coach Anthony "Duke Hogwild" Thambynayagam would ride the combination of BTR's Big Three, X-Factor's Wei Zeng and Bonzai's Drew Chen all the way to the finish. The tiring ORC All-Stars had no answer and ORC coach Liren Teng could only resort to desperate crowd pleasing by letting guard Carson Yiu showboat. The result was... well the result was OCC 102 - ORC 76.

And even though it happened two weeks ago, we're going to act like it just went on this Saturday. Call it withdrawal, we needed to post more stats... more pics... more recaps... and most of all, more highlights. --FBNYC

FBNYC 2K6 FALL "A" League All-Star Highlights... yea, we only put it in the good stuff, so... NYC Fury guard Carson Yiu's lefty self-pass off the backboard that instead went out of bounds... nah, didn't make it. Maybe next season.

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