2K7 SPR Top Plays of Week 5FBNYC, 4.26.07
We actually had too many highlights this week. It wasn't easy picking this batch. We got bumps, blocks and bruises, MC pee pants gettin' a little heated and Will Lee goin' gonzo on the Fury Black. -- K.J. Li

2K7 SPR Week 5 Power RankingsK.J. Li, 4.25.07
The Best FBNYC "A" League Ever?

2K7 SPR is short on depth but full of stars

Yea, unfortunately, it's taken five weeks to finally get some Power Rankings up but between the "B" League playoffs and the staggered start of the "A" league, it just didn't manifest itself until now. Which is too bad, considering this might be the best overall league FBNYC has had yet, even despite some of the uncontrollable disorganization.

D. Jiang

26.8 ppg
14.2 rpg
.649 FG%
T. Hu

17.8 ppg
12.3 rpg
3.7 apg
C. Youn

17.8 ppg
8.4 rpg
2.8 spg
J. Scheiman

21.2 ppg
6.0 rpg
5.7 apg
B. Chock

23.5 ppg
9.5 rpg
1.5 bpg
Jiang, Youn, Chock, Hu and Scheiman are all playing at a level that is unprecedented in their respective careers but who's the MVP?
How so? Despite having only six teams, 2K7 SPR's got 3 former MVPs in (C) Brandon Chock, (C) Tony Hu and (F) Christian Stevens; and 6 former All-FBNYC first teamers including FBE (F) Chris Youn, FBK (G) Ren Hsieh and (F) Darren Jiang, BR (G) Jon Scheiman, (F) Dave Scheiman and (C) Jiang Yu--most having career seasons.

There's also more than a few outstanding newcomers including BEL's (G) Will Lee, (F) Kevin Quach and (C) Sanjay Khindri,  and TFS Punit Menda and Varun Bhartiya from the storied Ghee Unit squad. None, however, have been more exciting than CHR rookie (G) Phillip Moon, an athletic slasher and straight daredevil at the rim.

Perennials like Chock, Hu, Jiang, Scheiman and even younger stars like Youn all seem to be playing at the top of their games and are all contending for MVP. This might be the first time FBNYC has seen so many stars playing so well. It should make for an interesting finish. -- K.J. Li

(-4) Fury Black v. The Fluctuations

Both squads are coming off solid wins and may be starting to hit their stride. You can't not watch Darren Jiang at this point. What could he possibly do to top last week's 39 point, 24 rebound performance? FBK (G) Ren Hsieh is finally nearing 100% and the better he plays, the better does Jiang, and for that matter, the team.

FBNYC 2K7 SPRING Power Rankings - Week 5 (04.21.07)
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




They might have had the slightly easier schedule so far, but the Black are winning with a five-man roster and (F) Roger Redhead and (G) Jeff Moy shooting the worst of their careers.




They haven't won much in their conference, which might hurt them in the playoffs, but they don't seem to worried. The Blue will go as far as (F) Chris Youn can lead them. They need (G) Dan Kim back.




An long-term injury to rookie (G) Phil Moon will be a huge loss but Tony Hu will carry this team. Royals need more consistency from versatile (F) Albert Chung, but mostly they need more perimeter shots to drop.




Despite a losing record, Below the Rim holds two big wins over ORC rivals Fury Blue. Can they hold out long enough to get former MVP (F) Christian Stevens back?




The 5th spot here doesn't really mean much. On a good day TFS looks like they can beat anybody. (F) Varun Bhartiya and (C) Brandon Chock in the paint is a lot of beef and (G) Punit Menda is the Flux's version of Andrei Kirilenko... except productive.




The B Elite have fought in every game but haven't quite been able to get over the top. (G) Will Lee has become a cult hero for his ridiculousness against FBK, the kind that legends wilil be told for generations...

Observations... Will Lee is a national hero and the new spokesperson for Big Tobacco... because you can smoke and succeed... Tony Hu plays like he has some kind of telekinetic burst emanating from his backside... somebody find Prof. Mohinder... DJ... more points... assists are for suckers... I'm waiting for the day Varun Bhartiya catches a putback yammy on somebody's face... don't let it be you... if Rich Chang shoots another contested 3-pointer, I'm gonna shoot myself... Jon Scheiman is untouchable right now... "Pogo Stick" Stevens where are you?

2K7 SPR Conference Players of the WeekFBNYC, 4.24.07
Darren Jiang (FBE)
F | 6-4 | 205 lbs
Player Profile
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 39.0
RPG: 24.0
FG%: .666

We've all been waiting for DJ's breakout season and the wait is over. After joining the NYC Fury, Jiang has scored less than 24 pts on only one occasion. DJ is the ONLY reason BEL (G) Will Lee is not OCC PoW.
Jon Scheiman (BTR)
G | 6-2 | 185 lbs
Player Profile
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 22.5
RPG: 6.5
SPG: 6.0

Scheiman is consistently among the top tier guards in FBNYC and this season is arguably his best. Settling in as a veteran leader, the former St. John's guard is trying to carry his team back to the Chivas Cup.
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2K7 SPR Week 5 RecapFBNYC, 4.23.07
Fury Blue (55) v. Fluctuations (46) recap
Player of the Game
Chris Youn (FBE) 20 pts, 10 rebs, 3 asts, 5 stls
Chivas Royals (58) v. Below the Rim (50) recap
Player of the Game
Phillip Moon (CHR) 21 pts, 8 rebs, 5 asts, 2 stls
Chivas Royals (56) vs. Fluctuations (60) recap
Player of the Game
Brandon Chock (TFS) 28 pts, 10 rebs, 9-14 FG
Fury Blue (40) v. Below the Rim (55) recap
Player of the Game
Jon Scheiman (BTR) 26 pts, 9 rebs, 7 asts

Fury Black (77) v. B Elite (72) recap
Co-Players of the Game
Darren Jiang (FBK) 39 pts, 24 rebs, 3 asts, 14-21 FGs, 4-4 3FGs

This late night battle was the best game I've ever seen in the Hsieh-era FBNYC and it might go down as one of the best ever in Fastbreak history. A scoring duel for the ages. Will Lee is a new cult hero but DJ is the new King on the block. -- K.J. Li

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