Premier Division
1. MediaBrix (5-1)
2. Dribbling Seamen (4-2)
3. Team AXA (4-2)
4. Basketball Reasons (3-3)
5. Goat Herders (3-3)
6. Fastbreak NYC (3-3)
7. The Monstars (3-3)
8. Renegades (3-3)
9. Top Stars (3-4)
10. Free Agents (0-7)

1st Division
1. Rockstars (5-1)
2. NYC Gritty Committee (5-1)
3. iVentureCap (4-2)
4. Sexy Bears (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (4-2)
6. Renaissance Men (4-2)
7. Dem Boyz (1-5)
8. Warriors (1-6)
9. NYCE (0-7)

2nd Division
1. Sex Panthers (5-1)
2. TAP NY (5-1)
3. SK War Dog (5-1)
4. Raptors (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (3-3)
6. Spaghetti Ramen (2-4)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (2-4)
8. Ball Handles (2-5)
9. Running Suckers (0-7)


2K7 SPR Chivas Cup ChampionshipFBNYC, 5.23.07

Below the Rim runs away with Chivas Cup Championship

Rimmers left no doubt they were the best of FBNYC 2K7 SPR

Your FBNYC 2K7 SPR "A" Chivas Cup Champs (L to R): Jon Scheiman, Dave Scheiman, Noh-Joon Choo, Alfred Vaca, Jimmy Chang, Jiang Yu and Warren Min.

CHELSEA PIERS -- Warm-ups for the FBNYC Chivas Cup Championship began at 5:00pm with tip-off scheduled at 5:15pm. Both teams appeared mellow and more pensive than nervous, as they each quietly prepared for the season finale. The first 5:00 minutes of the game would be the complete opposite for one team.

FBNYC 2K7 SPR "A" Chivas Cup MVP

BTR (C) Jiang Yu (17 pts, 19 rebs) held down the low-post in a controlled and dominating game in which he scored when single-covered and found his teammates when doubled. His 7 offensive boards lead all rebounders.
7-15 (.456) 3-7 (.429) 19^ 3
*Lead team.  ^Lead all.
Fury Black
Top Performers

D. Jiang
Points: 20
Reb: 11
Ast: 3
Stl: 2
Blk: 2

J. Yu
Points: 17
Reb: 19
Ast: 3
Stl: 0
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points D. Jiang 20
J. Yu 17
Rebounds R. Redhead 12
J. Yu 19
Assists R. Hsieh 4
J. Scheiman 3
Steals R. Hsieh 4
N. Choo 2
Blocks A. Wang 2
A. Vaca 2


Rebounds were key in this one, and even though the Fury weren't considerably out- rebounded by the numbers, they gave up more offensive boards that resulted for 2nd chance points.

BTR (F) Alfred Vaca outrebounded FBE (F) Darren Jiang 14-11 while (C) Jiang Yu out- rebounded FBE (C) Alvin Wang 19-3.

FBE easily lead the league in 3-pt shooting  makes and percentage this season converting 55 threes on .374 shooting from behind the arc. They could not, however, find the range in the 2K7 SPR Chivas Cup Championship, connecting on only 4-20 from three and 0-for-their-first-12.


I got your highlights right here, plenty of shots with an incredibly high degree of difficulty... and that was just the after-party. Big ups to Senor Kwak and MK Productions for setting us up with another hot set we can tell our grandkids about. Digimon, bitches! -- C.B. Lee

For the full-sized video, go to the FBNYC's YouTube channel.
After the Fury missed on their first possession, Below the Rim fired off a flurry of shots in a 24-6 run, during which they missed only 2 shots, that effectively put the Rimmers up for good.

The Fury, who entered the game as confident a team as any who had just finished the season with the league's best record, looked stunned by the initial BTR run. As the Rimmers made shot after shot and seemed to beat them to every rebound and loose ball, the Fury started tightening up, inversely, could not find the range.

FBE missed on a series of layups and open jump shots that were uncharacteristic of an offense that averaged 68.0 ppg. Much of that was a result of BTR's "Triangle-and-2" defense, very similar to what the Fury played against the Rimmers in last season's final. The Rimmers had (G) Jon Scheiman shadow FBE (G) Ren Hsieh all over the floor while (F) Alfred Vaca shadowed (F) Darren Jiang.

Jiang was doubled on the catch and Hsieh upon driving to the basket. Hsieh eventually seemed content to let his teammates take advantage of a 3-on-3 situation in the halfcourt. Unfortunately for the Fury, they did not have one of their better shooting games and turnovers would plague them in the 1st half. On offense, BTR (C) Jiang Yu dominated the boards and the low-post while Vaca was everywhere at once, on the offensive boards (6 off. rebs) and with weak-side defensive help (4 blks). It didn't help that Jon and (F) Dave Scheiman were connecting from distance.

The Fury never led in this game, but managed to widdle the lead back down to 13 at halftime. That, however, wouldn't last for long. Upon missing a shot for a chance to bring the game within 8, Fury (F) Roger Redhead uncharacteristically turned the ball over three consecutive times. The Rimmers converted on all three and with less than 10:00 minutes remaining, held a 27-point lead.

This, however, finally woke up the Fury. In the following six minutes, Hsieh would initiate a 23-5 run with back-to-back 3s to get FBE into the game; Redhead and Jiang were quick to follow, connecting on 8 of their next 11 shots.

It would be too little too late as time ran out for the Fury Black. The Rimmers eventually gained back control, going inside to Yu
and back outside to (G) Jimmy Chang who converted on two clutch jump shots late to seal the deal for the Rimmers and secure their first FBNYC crown. -- FBNYC



The Rimmers were without MVP (F) Christian Stevens virtually all season but Jiang Yu and Alfred Vaca are actually better than Pogo in the post. Not as individual talents, but they complement the team and each other well.

Vaca actually outplayed my boy DJ in this one, beat him to every loose ball and gave Darren fits in the half-court. Even did some scoring, which is a bonus from him. I'm gonna go ahead and make Vaca my honorary Chivas Cup co-MVP. DJ's gotta be kicking himself he couldn't do more, but he made a hell of a run at the end, helped turn this blowout into a game.

J-Shine led the Rimmers all season and did a great job once again, keeping Hsieh from getting involved early on and hitting shots I wouldn't take in H-O-R-S-E. If they're could be three Cup MVPs, I'd throw Jon in there, too. He put BTR in the triangle-and-2. But honestly, if FBE (G) Zach Liu shows up, that's a no-go. -- C.B. Lee


Even though the teams were the same, this was not a rematch of the 2K6 FALL Chip. It had no resemblance to last season's game, which was a tightly contested battle throughout. But the roles were actually reversed.

Last season, BTR came in confident with a win over the Fury in the regular season and fielding the best 3-player combo in the league. This season it was the Fury with more individual talent, but BTR had the more balanced attack. WIth Jiang and Vaca controlling the low-post, the Scheimans were more free to do their thing. And the gimmick defense that hurt them last season, they used against the Fury Black in this one, quieting their two most dynamic players in Darren Jiang and Ren Hsieh.

But with the players of that caliber, you can't stop them when they decide to turn it on, they just might have decided to turn it on too late. But with Vaca and Yu "eating the bones" it also might not have mattered. --
K.J. Li

2K7 SPR Playoff HighlightsFBNYC, 5.17.07
It's a little more violent than I expected but I suppose it goes along with a theme of playoff intensity. Anger management is more like it. Carson Yiu finally has a nickname... Black Rage! Truth is, a few teams could have used that kind of fire.  -- K.J. Li

2K7 SPR End-of-Season PartyFBNYC, 5.16.07
This just in FBNYCers,

We just got the greenlight to throw our 2K7 SPR End-of-Season Bash this Saturday right after the Chivas Cup Championship and All-Star Game & Discorama 3-pt Shootout.

For all those who where at (and can actually still remember) the "B" League End-of-Season "B-Ball and B-Boys" jump off just last month, well, not much more needs to be said. If you weren't there, there's not much I can say, I don't recall much of it. Saturday night should be no expection as it will be my brother, Liren Teng's 27th Birthday and also a Farewell Party for Yellow Jesus himself, Darren Jiang.
He's got an 8:00am flight to Portland the next day to start his new job at Nike, so let's all make sure to help him miss it.

I know the flyer says that EVERYONE is free before 11pm but all FBNYC members and friends will be FREE UNTIL 11:30 PM. That's right, 30 min. more, we spoil you.
How much it costs after that I don't know, likely bouncer's discretion. Tough luck if you're rolling 10 deep all dudes so come early.

The spot is @ CLUB ULTRA 37 W. 26th St.

Duke has promised to bring his camera this time so be warned that what happens at the Bash does not stay at the Bash. I lucked out last time. -- Ren Hsieh, Commissioner

2K7 SPR All-Star 3-pt ShootoutFBNYC, 5.15.07
FBNYC 2K7 SPR All-Star Game

G Rathan Haran (TFS)
G Ren Hsieh (FBK)*
F Darren Jiang (FBK)*
G Will Lee (BEL)*
F Punit Menda (TFS)
F Roger Redhead (FBK)*
F Dave Scheiman (BTR)
G Jon Scheiman (BTR)


Please RSVP immediately. If you cannot make the shootout, we will find a replacement.
FBNYC 2K7 SPR All-Star Game

Each participant will have 1:00 minute to make as many 3-ptrs as possible from five spots on the floor. Shooters must attempt one shot from each spot once at a time and cannot repeat until all spots have been shot from in one rotation.

Each participant may have (2) people of their choice rebound for them. Participants may bring their own basketball--only one is permitted during the shootout. The winner of each round will be determined in head-to-head matchups. Each make is worth (1) point.


The FBNYC All-Star Game will tip-off May 19th @ 6:30pm right after the FBNYC Chivas Championship Game. The Discorama 3-pt Shootout will take place at halftime. Come out, watch the Chip and the Chivas Cup presentation and stay for the All-Stars.

All-Stars please RSVP to ren@fastbreaknyc.com immediately so we can find a replacement if you are unable to join. Every FBNYC All-Star Game participant will be given a custom knit All-Star jersey with patent leather lettering to wear during the game and to keep but you must play to receive the jersey -- FBNYC

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