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FBNYC 2K6 FALL End-of-Season AwardsFBNYC, 11.20.06

FBNYC Commissioner Ren Hsieh presents the MVP trophy to Below the Rim's Christian Stevens.
'Pogo' Makes it a Clean Sweep

Christian Stevens takes MVP, Defensive MVP and Rookie honors

With unmatched athleticism and unparalleled skilled at his position, Below the Rim rookie Christian "Pogo Stick" Stevens blindsided this season like a runaway freight train.  In nearly unanimous decisions all across the board, BTR's Afro-Filipino American center was selected League MVP, Defensive MVP as well as League Outstanding Rookie honors.  FBNYC has never seen a more complete player at his position. --K.J. Li

80 | F/C | Christian Stevens (BTR)
| 6' 3"  190 lbs | Player Profile

.417* .730* 15.2^ 2.2 2.2 2.8^ 0.9 2.1
*Top ten in league.  ^Leads league.

MVP Honorable Mentions: Dave Scheiman (BTR), Chris Youn (NYCFoF), Jon Scheiman (BTR), Joseph Son (INI-D)

Def. MVP Honorable Mentions: Chris Youn (NYCFoF), Joseph Son (INI-D)

Outstanding Rookie Hon. Mentions: Chris Youn (NYCFoF), Ocean Hong (INI-D)

FBNYC 2K6 FALL Sixth Man Award

The Fury's 'Mr. Clutch' does it again

Roger "Rabbit" Redhead bags his second straight Sixth Man Award finishing as the team's second leading scorer and in the league's Top 10 in 3-point makes and percentage. Once again, the league's best benchwarmer. --C.B. Lee

2 | F | Roger Redhead (NYCFoF) | 6' 3"  220 lbs | Player Profile

.359* .667 6.8 2.1 2.2 0.2 1.8 0.8
*Top ten in league.  ^Leads league. 

Redhead received ORC Conference Player of the Week honors in Week 6.

FBNYC 2K6 FALL Most Improved Player Award

Chang improving fast with 'plenty of room to grow'

When asked if Fury center Rich Chang had reached his peak, FBNYC Commissioner and Fury coach, Ren Hsieh, said simply, "no, he's still got a long way to go--plenty of room to grow."  Where that might sound like criticism, it also means that even with his sudden improvement, the 22-year-old still has plenty of potential. --K.J. Li
1 | C | Rich Chang (NYCFoF) | 6' 4"  190 lbs |  Player Profile

.763* 6.3 2.0 1.3 1.0* 1.4 2.3
*Top ten in league.  ^Leads league.

Though Chang only finished the season averaging one block per game, he would solidified the Fury defense in the playoffs averaging 4.5 per.  Chang also finished the season averaging 11.5 ppg, shooting over .500 from the field and .750 from the line, all career highs.

Stay tuned... All-FBNYC awards to come!

FBNYC 2K6 FALL Championship PreviewFBNYC, 11.17.06

Occidental Conference Champion
2 Below the Rim
Season record: 9-1, Conference record 3-1

The Rimmers have displayed nothin' but complete dominance in the playoffs so far.  Of course, they haven't played anyone with the Fury's size and depth.  Let's face it, these are this season's only two legitimate "A" squads and they proved it all season long.  BTR's been primin' up for this game since game one and they haven't let up once.

Turnovers will be the key.  BTR doesn't do it, the Fury makes a habit of it.  The Rimmers' 3-2 zone covers a lot of court with the height of their big three and Noh-joon Choo at the top. Whether Choo shows up for the Chip might make a big difference.  The Rimmers could use his energy.

Of course, it all hangs on the Big Three law firm of Scheiman, Scheiman and Stevens, but if the Rimmers can take one thing with them into this game is that they've already beat the Fury once in the beginning of the season.  The Fury have shown some real dominance this season but their scoring has been inconsistent.  They're not gonna be able to afford those droughts on Saturday.  If BTR can come out with a flurry, it might be over in the first half. --C.B. Lee

Christian Stevens
74 | F/C | 6' 3" 190 lbs
Playoff Statistics
22.5 ppg
18.0 rpg
.556 FG%
Dave Scheiman
75 | G/F | 6' 0" 190 lbs
Playoff Statistics
15.0 ppg
5.5 rpg
6.0 apg
Jon Scheiman
76 | G | 6' 2" 185 lbs
Playoff Statistics
23.0 ppg
7.0 rpg
6.0 apg
If the Fury can't keep Stevens off the boards, look for "Pogo" to have a big night. With the Fury's stout interior D, Stevens may have to look at the perimeter... which is still no problem.
Despite his league-best regular season scoring avg, Dave has been content with being the playmaker as "Pogo" Stevens and brother Jon have found the touch. But D-Shine just might be due.
Jon's found the Midas touch in the post-season. I look for him to do like George W. and keep them bombs droppin'... then again, on target would be nicer.

X-Factor: Jon Scheiman has dropped crazy buckets since the playoffs started, but BTR captain, Jimmy Chang got it going in the Conference Finals dropping 6-15 from behind the arc.  If J.C. can find the touch again in the Chip, you can hand that cup over now.

Bok Lee's Pick: 75-74 Rimmers take the Chip.

Oriental Conference Champion
1 NYC Fists of Fury
Season record: 9-1, Conference record: 5-0

True, the Rimmers beat the Fury in the first game of the season, but it was the first game of the season.  The Fury were integrating two new players and went without starting forward Andrew de Leon and key reserves Fergus Ravanes and Roger Redhead.  It was a throw-away game, Bok Lee said it himself.  Which doesn't mean he didn't leave some truth in all that.  They Fury have good depth and that's their advantage.  They also have players that can match-up physically to all of the Rimmers' Big Three attorneys.

The Fury have also been a little notorious for slow starts, keeping many games within reach in the first half that they should have dominated, but that has always seemed to be from a lack of motivation.  If the Fury aren't up for this one, they shouldn't show up. 

In the end, the game is gonna come down to the decision-making of the Fury backcourt.  Against BTR's opportunistic 3-2 trapping zone (which does a good job of hiding their defensive weaknesses), Fergus Ravanes and Dan Kim (6.5 apg, 3.0 topg) must take care of the ball and pick the zone apart.  Once the Rimmers are forced to go man, the Fury can expose their matchup advantages.  Defensively, center Rich Chang has been an anchor in the middle for the Fury averaging 4.5 blocks per.  If he keeps that up, the Fury run away with it. --K.J. Li

Chris Youn
3 | G/F | 6' 1" 230 lbs.
Playoff Statistics
16.0 ppg
8.5 rpg
3.0 apg

Andrew de Leon
5 | F | 6' 3" 210 lbs
Playoff Statistics
10.5 ppg
11.5 rpg
.900 FT
Roger Redhead
2 | F | 6' 3" 220 lbs
Playoff Statistics
9.5 ppg
7.5 rpg
2.5 apg
Chris "Juggs" has been the face of the Fury all season long but here he has to prove he has the chops to carry a team all the way to a Chip.  If you ask him, he's ready... but then you would expect nothing less.
Drew de Leon has been the rock for the Fury all season long, consistently putting up close to 10 points and 10 rebounds a game.  Saturday, he'll have the added privilege of matching up with Christian Stevens.
Roger "Rabbit" Redhead is the Fury's most experienced veteran and he's come through time and time again.  If this sharpshooter gets it going, it's lights out.

X-Factor: Roger Redhead is battle-tested and has been a key component of every Chip coach Ren Hsieh has won in New York City.  The Fury needs a big-game from the Rabbit on Saturday--something he rarely fails to deliver.

"The Jet" Li's Pick: 63-60 Fury on a buzzer-beating Redheaded three.

FBNYC 2K6 FALL Playoff HighlightsFBNYC, 11.16.06
You know, I--I really... I really didn't think it could get much better than last week... but damn if I weren't wrong as porno mags in the airport bookstore. Hot tracks. Hot 'lights.  The hits keep on comin'.

FBNYC 2K6 FALL 3-Point ShootoutFBNYC, 11.15.06

The following gunners have been selected to participate in the Fastbreak NYC 3-Point Shootout:
Austin Han (FAS)
Kenny Ho (SSS)
Manzure Maula (WA-G)
John Park (INI-D)
Kevin Quach (STR)
Roger Redhead (NYCFoF)
Jon Scheiman (BTR)
Paul Shen (PS1)

Chris Youn (NYCFoF): replacing Austin Han
Dave Scheiman (BTR): replacing John Park
Liren Teng (FBNYC): replacing Paul Shen
Please RSVP either by e-mail (ren@fastbreaknyc.com) or via the comment box.  If you cannot make it, we have alternates who can fill your spot.

Each contestant will be allowed to shoot as many times as possible in 60 seconds.  Every make will count as one point.  Two balls will be available to shoot and FBNYC will provide two rebounders.  If preferred, every contestant is allowed to bring up to (2) teammates to rebound.

There are (5) spots from which to shoot: baseline (2), wing (2) and the top of the key.  Only one shot is allowed per spot.

Each contestant will start from the baseline of their choice and move his way around. Repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds.  Contestants can choose to reverse direction after reaching opposite baseline.

There will be two rounds.  One Preliminary Round where the shooters are split into two groups of four and a Final Round.  The highest score from each group in the preliminary round will advance to the Final.

This is what you're playing for:

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