Premier Division
1. MediaBrix (4-1)
2. Dribbling Seamen (4-2)
3. Basketball Reasons (3-2)
4. Goat Herders (3-2)
5. Team AXA (3-2)
6. Fastbreak NYC (3-3)
7. Top Stars (3-3)
8. The Monstars (2-3)
9. Renegades (2-3)
10. Free Agents (0-6)

1st Division
1. Rockstars (5-1)
2. NYC Gritty Committee (5-1)
3. iVentureCap (4-2)
4. Sexy Bears (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (4-2)
6. Renaissance Men (4-2)
7. Dem Boyz (1-5)
8. Warriors (1-6)
9. NYCE (0-7)

2nd Division
1. Sex Panthers (5-1)
2. TAP NY (5-1)
3. SK War Dog (5-1)
4. Raptors (4-2)
5. That 70s Team (3-3)
6. Spaghetti Ramen (2-4)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (2-4)
8. Ball Handles (2-5)
9. Running Suckers (0-7)


2K12 FALL Top 10 Plays of the Week (Sept 9-23)FBNYC, 10.2.12
Starring Fist of the North Star, Chump, Big Willie Style, Butter and more. Edited by Robby Huang. Music is "Bang Bang" by K'naan and "If I can't Have You" by Etta James.

For more videos: http://vimeo.com/fbnyc/videos. All videos are first released on our Facebook fan page. Click here to visit.

2K12 SUM Championship Results - Monkey KingsFBNYC, 9.28.12

Kings come back with huge second half surge

Hot shooting from Flowers and Mui pave the way for Kings championship

F | Paul Flowers
2nd Season
Ht: 6-4, Wt: 190 lbs
Player Profile

.625^ 12.0^ 2.0* 2.0* 1.0^
*Team-high. ^Game-high.
(4) Monkey Kings
(6) BK All Day
Other Top Performers
Monkey Kings
BK All Day
N. Mui
Pts: 25
Reb: 4
Ast: 2
Stl: 0
Blk: 0
R. Dolar
Pts: 11
Reb: 4
Ast: 3
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points N. Mui 25
H. Tufail 12
Rebounds P. Flowers 12
C. Baptiste 7
Assists [3 players] 2
R. Dolar 3
Steals P. Flowers 2
H. Tufail 3
Blocks Chan/Flowers 1
MLK HS, NYC -- If you left this game after the first quarter, you would have been shocked by the final score. BK All Day dominated the 1st qtr, coming out with better energy and knocking down shots. They finished the quarter leading 21-12. For their part, the Kings looked a little disoriented but they never lost their composure.

MNK (G) Nick Mui (25 pts, 4 reb, 2 ast) kept the game from getting out of hand. In fact, the Kings made up ground in the 2nd quarter out-scoring BK All Day 13-8. It was just enough to hold BKA at bay as MNK (F) Paul Flowers made his arrival. The dynamic of the game changed.

Flowers is not only a strong finisher for MNK but he is their best defender. Suddenly, the shots that seemed so easy for BKA earlier in the contest, all but disappeared. The team scored just 15 pts in the 2nd half as BKA's heralded 3-guard line-up combined to shoot just 10 for 36 (.278) from the field for 30 pts in the game.

The Kings, on the other hand, scored 40 pts in the 2nd half including a 24-6 run between the 3rd and 4th quarters. By midway through the 4th qtr, the game was well in hand.

This is the first championship for captain George Chan and his Monkey Kings franchise sponsored by Bloomberg. -- FBNYC [Boxscore]


MNK (G) Nick Mui did not score less than 21 pts this post-season. (F) Paul Flowers shot no less than 54% in any playoff game.

2K12 SUM Championship PreviewFBNYC, 9.25.12
(4) Monkey Kings vs. (6) BK All Day | Wednesday (9/26), 9:00pm @ MLK HS

N. Mui
27.0 ppg
3.0 rpg
6.0 apg
1.5 spg
0.0 bpg
R. Dolar
18.5 ppg
6.5 rpg
8.0 apg
3.5 spg
0.0 bpg
NEW YORK CITY -- We finally have a championship game. This one has been in the making since July 25. Its gonna be a David and Goliath type of match-up. The powerhouse Monkey Kings will take on a surprising BK All Day squad that has upset their way through the playoffs, knocking off the 3rd and 1st seeds to reach the chip.

The Kings have the best roster in the league up and down with former MVP (G) Nick Mui at the helm. He will keep the game uptempo and (F) Paul Flowers will back him up on the finish and on D.

Perhaps BKA isn't that much of a surprise, they aren't that far removed from a championship themselves. But, its a new roster with (G) Rommel Dolar leading the way. He's been unstoppable this season but its been a long layoff. This game is as easy to call as a coin flip. -- Jeff Van Ghandi
Monkey Kings
GR GR BK All Day
(G) Nick Mui



(G) Rommel Dolar

Mui may be the fastest end-to-end player in the league but Dolar may be the hardest to keep in front. They are former teammates, and have seen each other many times.
(G) Mike Chan



(G) Taha Allasari

What you get in Chan is a fundamentally sound (G) with great footwork and a reliable jumper. Allasari is a bit more of a wild card but he is streaky, and can light it up if hot.
(F) Paul Flowers



(F) Honey Tufail

Flowers is probably the RED's best all around player and perhaps most athletic. He can do it all. Tufail has been a complete surprise in the post-season, nearly unstoppable so far.
(F) George Chan



(F) Cedric Baptiste

The captain, Chan, brings playoff physicality to every game. He will do the dirty work, so to speak. Baptiste has been solid all season on the boards and scoring when needed.
(C) David Wiggins



(C) Will Rodriguez

Wiggins hasn't played much but at 6-7, he will be the biggest player on the court. For Rodriguez, he needs to do what he does best, eat up the paint and rebound.
(G) Ian Yu
(F) Kevin Quach



(G) James Gonzales
(G) Shaun Gonzales
(F) Tom Allcox

Kings have a former MVP off the bench in Yu and a knockdown 3-pt shooter with Quach but not much depth. BK brings in veteran play with pedigree. Gonzales brothers know how to win. Allcox is a great utility man.
(4) Monkey Kings
60 67 62 N/A 64
(6) BK All Day
65 63 61 N/A 72

2K12 SUM Top 10 Plays of the Week (Aug 30-Sept 9)FBNYC, 9.19.12
Edited by Robby Huang. Music is "Shades of Funk" by Kill Paris, "Shades of Black" by Breakbot, and "Loved Stone" by Justin Timberlake

For more videos: http://vimeo.com/fbnyc/videos. All videos are first released on our Facebook fan page. Click here to visit.

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