2K11 SUM Top 10 Plays (Aug 29-Sept 11)FBNYC, 10.4.11

Master video chef Robby Huang goes with the Mr. Roboto steez... tracks are "Don't Stop the Rock" (Instrumental Version) and "Invade the Party" both by Freestyle.

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2K11 SUM Most Valuable Player AwardsFBNYC, 10.4.11


G | Garrett James (GOD)
Ht: 5-11 | Wt: 185 lbs
3rd season

There were certainly a lot of candidates for this season's MVP but James did it all for a Deatheaters team that was picked to win it all and did just that. A force on both sides of the ball, James lived up to every definition of what it means to be MVP.

Runner-Up: Paul Flowers(MNK), N. Harrington (MON)

.286 .651* 5.6 2.6 2.6*
*Top ten in league.  ^Leads league.
2K11 SUM Wat Misaka Award

F | Paul Flowers (MNK)
Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 195 lbs

Flowers was often a man among boys this season and if he wasn't MVP of the whole league, he was certainly dominant on the defensive end, enough to get this award. A league high 4 spg and nearly 1 block per. Few were as complete as Flowers.

RU: Brian O'Neill (GOD), Lamar Smith (GOD)
2K11 SUM Most Outstanding Rookie

C | Paul Flowers (MNK)
Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 195 lbs

Yup, that's just how good Flowers is. And, there were some strong candidates in Troy Talbot, Karl Gusner and even Kareem Corprew but Flowers was easily the most exciting rookie to join Fastbreak since Nick Harrington in the 2K11 SUM season.

Troy Talbot (TUR), Karl Gusner (BLB)
2K11 SUM Sixth Man Award

G | J. Coleman (BLB)
Ht: 5-11
Wt: 160 lbs

Coleman was up for the Rookie Award, too. The lightning quick guard was a spark plug for BLB off the bench and often the quickest guy on the floor. Solid season for the HS senior.

Runner-Up: Ren Hsieh (NYF)

2K11 SUM Sam Lo Award

F | Tracy Wright (BLB)
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 225 lbs

Wright was one of those guys that just never stopped moving on the court and a big reason BLB made it all the way to the chip. Few were tougher around the paint than Wright.

Runner-Up: Nick Harrington (UNA)
2K11 SUM Most Improved

G | G. James (GOD)
Ht: 5-11
Wt: 185 lbs
3rd season

It's hard to imagine an MVP as the Most Improved but GOD definitely gave James the reins and the freedom to dominate. He did just that, seeing career highs in 5 major stats.

Runner-Up: Kash Miah (GOD)

2K11 SUM Top 10 Plays of the Week (Aug 8-14)FBNYC, 9.23.11

Catching up on an old vid, then back to new vids. As always, engineered by Robby Huang. More videos, click here: vimeo.com/fbnyc/videos.

2K11 SUM ChampionshipFBNYC, 9.12.11

Deatheasters face little resistance in first title run

Game of Deatheaters dominate in the title game everyone wanted to see

G | Kash Miah (GOD) | 2nd season
4.0^ 1.0 3.0
^Game high *Team high
(2) Game of Deatheaters
(6) B League At Best
Other Top Performers
Game of Deatheaters
B League At Best
G. James
Pts: 9
Reb: 3
Ast: 3
Stl: 3
Blk: 0
D. Blanch
Pts: 11
Reb: 1
Ast: 2
Stl: 1
Blk: 1
B. O'Neill
Pts: 7
Reb: 8
Ast: 2
Stl: 1
Blk: 1
T. Wright
Pts: 6
Reb: 13
Ast: 1
Stl: 2
Blk: 1
Game Leaders
Points K. Miah 24
D. Blanchette 11
Rebounds B. O'Neill 8
T. Wright 13
Assists G. James 3
D. Blanchette 2
Steals James/Smith 3
T. Wright 2
Blocks Bell/O'Neill 1
[3 players] 1


GOD (G) Kash Miah's 24 pts was a playoff career-high in the BLUE league. His 73% shooting was the best of any player scoring 20+ points in a championship game.
MLK HS, NYC -- This could have been the fairy tale finish for under-dogs B League At Best. Not only did they beat the odds by making the chip, they were facing their arch-nemesis in the final. Game of Deatheaters, a team that gave them so little credit at the beginning of the season, that the insult became BLB's calling card. They took it and made it their team name.

It was, however, not to be. The Besties had to play without their two leading scorers in (F) Pascal Dabel and (G) Karl Gusner, the latter making a legit bid to be Tourney MVP. Gusner had been lights out all post-season and surely would have made an impact in this game, not to mention Dabel's physicality and athleticism.

The result was basically a blowout from the 1st qtr on. After a solid opening period, BLB just couldn't keep pace with a GOD team that, to their credit, was focused in on winning this one early and allowing no let downs. GOD (F) Lamar Smith would not allow it. His killer instinct set in early and was contagious, particularly Chip MVP (G) Kash Miah, who dominated the 1st half offensively. BLB focused all their attention on stopping Miah from getting open shots just could not keep him in check. Miah used every trick in the book to find openings to shoot and he didn't hesitate.

Give plenty of credit to GOD's team defense as well. (C) Brian O'Neill, the league's best defensive big man, Smith, (G) Drew Chen and 2K11 SUM MVP (G) Garrett James swarmed BLB on defense and created easy buckets in transition. BLB stood in a bit of shell shock as Game started to run away with it. Only (G) Dennis Blanchette seemed to be unfazed. The under sized guard continued to attack the GOD paint and kept the game respectable, even sparking runs that almost turned into legitimate challenges to the deficit.

Almost was not enough. BLB rookie sensation, (G) Josh Coleman never got it going offensively and never seemed to find a groove, it was too much of an uphill climb to overcome. In the end, GOD did it much as they did all season. With great defense and opportunistic offense. And, based on this chip it never seemed to be in question. -- FBNYC

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