Beaters overcome shakey start for 4th straight win

Fastbreak (1-5)
Buzzer Beaters (4-1)
Top Performers
Buzzer Beaters
D. Killborn
Pts: 12
Reb: 8
Ast: 3
Stl: 4
Blk: 2
C. Le
Pts: 13
Reb: 7
Ast: 12
Stl: 5
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points Killborn/Pham 12
J. Iledan 16
Rebounds R. Ng 10
C. Le 7
Assists R. Ho 4
C. Le 12
Steals D. Killborn 4
C. Le 5
Blocks D. Killborn 2
J. Poon 2


FBK (C) Dustin Killborn  tallied career-highs in almost every category and teammate FBK (F) Ryan Ng reached double-digit rebounds for the first time.

BZB (G) Cody Le (13 pts and 12 asts) recorded double-digit assists for the 2nd time this season.
WHIS, Houston -- Both teams struggled a bit early on, and this favored the underdog Breakers. Led by (F) Long Pham (team-high 12 pts) FBK was able to keep the game close against the volatile offense that BZB brings to the table. BZB (G) Vicmor Le (14 pts) struggled early on, and this allowed FBK to keep the game tied going into the 2nd qtr.

However, the late arrival of standout BZB (G) Cody Le (13 pts and 12 asts) changed the entire complexity of the game. Despite a valiant effort by FBK (C) Dustin Killborn (team-high 12 pts), the Breakers were unable to keep up with the fast pace game of the Beaters.

The uptempo game definitely favored BZB. FBK's guards looked out of sync and frazzled against the BZB pressure defense. Several key TOs helped BZB build upon their lead. At one point, the Beaters were ahead by over 20 pts.

In the half court set, BZB (G) Jay Iledan took advantage of lapses in defense and sank 3FGs from a variety of spots on the floor.

The Breakers did mount a small come back late in the 3rd qtr, but several more untimely TOs early in the 4th qtr gave the momentum right back to the Beaters. From that point on, BZB rode that wave to the end. FBK worked extremely hard but, in the end, could not quite get over the hump. 
-- Stan Van Ghandi


Fastbreak vs Buzzer Beaters

Team H1 H2 OT Total
Fastbreak2229 - 51
Buzzer Beaters3431 - 65


Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Dustin Killborn5-14 [0.357]0-2 [0.000]2-4 [0.500]83422112
Long Pham4-11 [0.364]3-6 [0.500]1-2 [0.500]31200112
Robert Ho4-8 [0.500]1-1 [1.000]0-0 [0.000]7400209
Eric Chen3-4 [0.750]0-0 [0.000]0-2 [0.000]3010426
Tomson Kan2-9 [0.222]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]6300404
Naco Chen1-5 [0.200]0-3 [0.000]1-2 [0.500]1130603
Mike Chang1-6 [0.167]1-5 [0.200]0-2 [0.000]1010203
Ryan Ng1-5 [0.200]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]10300252
Hubert Jin0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3001300
Totals21-62 [0.339]5-18 [0.278]4-12 [0.333]421511325951

Buzzer Beaters
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Jay Iledan5-11 [0.455]4-9 [0.444]2-3 [0.667]20000016
Vicmor Le7-18 [0.389]0-3 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]12205114
Cody Le5-8 [0.625]3-5 [0.600]0-1 [0.000]712507113
Jake Calalang4-6 [0.667]0-1 [0.000]5-7 [0.714]30011213
Roger Roberts2-7 [0.286]0-3 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]5010324
Ivan Torralba1-4 [0.250]1-1 [1.000]0-0 [0.000]2011123
Jon Poon0-3 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]2-2 [1.000]5132142
Hung NguyenDNP
Quang Hau0-2 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3120100
Totals24-59 [0.407]8-23 [0.348]9-13 [0.692]2816144191265


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