Fellowship team effort dispatch Spotlighters

Grace Fellowship (4-2)
Hollywood Spotlight (0-6)
Top Performers
Grace Fellowship
Hollywood Spotlight
E. Tan
Pts: 19
Reb: 8
Ast: 5
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
A. Tsai
Pts: 25
Reb: 7
Ast: 0
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points E. Tan 19
A. Tsai 25
Rebounds J. Hong 13
A. Tsai 7
Assists E. Tan 5
[3 players] 1
Steals [3 players] 2
A. Tsai 3
Blocks J. Hong 1
A. Tsai 1


GRC had 3 players score in double-digits for the 5th time this season.

Since going 9-10 in the 1st half against BZB, HSP (F) Michael Lu has shot a dismal 1-23 FGs.
WHIS, Houston -- GRC (G) Ed Tan (team-high 19 pts) has been on a tear lately almost single-handedly leading his team to a 4-2 start. However, if they want to win down the road, the rest of the Fellowship need to step up, and they did not disappoint this week.

Tan got GRC off to a hot start making a couple 3FGs early on. He also found teammate GRC (F) Kevin Ma for several easy shots and racked up all 5 of his asts in the 1st half. HSP (F) Michael Lu's struggles continued as HSP was without (C) Aaron Tsai (game-high 25 pts) for the beginning of the game. GRC's defense keyed in on Lu and made the rest of HSP try and beat them. Unfortunately, the rest of HSP seemed to suffer the same struggles as Lu.

It wasn't until Tsai showed up when HSP finally showed some life. However, it may have been a little too late. Despite shooting well and penetrating the defense, Tsai couldn't bring the Spotlighters back from their deficit, and this was all thanks to the strong play of GRC's role players.

GRC (G) David Hong (12 pts) continued his strong shooting and provided some much needed support since teammate (F) Brandon Kang went down with an injury. GRC (C) Jaewon Hong (game-high 13 rebs) has been a workhorse on the glass and continued to perform well. For once, Tan did not have to shoulder the load. 
-- Stan Van Ghandi


Grace Fellowship vs Hollywood Spotlight

Team H1 H2 OT Total
Grace Fellowship2233 - 55
Hollywood Spotlight2115 - 36


Grace Fellowship
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Ed Tan7-14 [0.500]4-9 [0.444]1-3 [0.333]85107219
Jaewon Hong5-10 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]2-4 [0.500]131211412
David Hong4-8 [0.500]3-5 [0.600]1-2 [0.500]02204212
Kevin Ma3-4 [0.750]1-2 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]2000117
Michael Park1-2 [0.500]1-2 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]2020003
Richard Park1-6 [0.167]0-5 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3200412
David Choi0-4 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3010200
David SeongDNP
Brandon KangDNP
Totals21-48 [0.438]9-24 [0.375]4-9 [0.444]311081191055

Hollywood Spotlight
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Aaron Tsai9-17 [0.529]0-1 [0.000]7-9 [0.778]70313025
Danny Chang1-4 [0.250]1-2 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]2010423
Michael Lu0-8 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]3-4 [0.750]3020013
Duyet Trinh1-5 [0.200]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0110202
Peter Vu1-5 [0.200]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3100002
Larry Tang0-3 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]1-2 [0.500]3000111
Henry Chung0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3000300
Gabriel Lo0-1 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3110310
Michael NguyenDNP
Kheang Ven0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]1030230
Michael LeDNP
Totals12-43 [0.279]1-5 [0.200]11-15 [0.733]25311118836


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