1. NY Dynasty (3-0)
2. Team RS (2-1)
3. Sal Team 6 (2-1)
4. Sexy Bears (1-2)
5. Guard Me Maybe (1-2)
6. Free Agents (1-2)
7. Bronx-Lebanon HC (1-2)
8. That 70s Team (1-2)


Oriental Conference
1. SK War Dog (4-0)
. Lace'O My Aso (3-0)
3. Raining Rosebuds (2-1)
. Let It Fly (2-2)
5. Honey Badgers (1-2)
. Space Jam (1-2)
7. Shawty Likes the Way (0-3)
. Top Stars (0-3)

Occidental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (3-0)
2. The Lizards (3-0)
3. Financial Ventures Grp (3-0)
4. Shawn Kemp's Kids (2-1)
5. Blouses (1-2)
. X1 (1-3)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (0-4)
8. L.O.B. (0-3)

1. Sex Panthers (3-0)
2. Gritty FOB City (3-0)
. No Fly Zone OG (3-0)
4. Ball So Hard (3-1)
5. TAP NY (2-1)
. Spaghetti Ramen (1-2)
7. Dirk Digglers (1-2)
8. Wolverines (1-2)
. Raptors (1-2)
10. Team JBH (1-3)
11. Splappa (0-3)
12. Out of Breath (0-3)



Shorties come out on top despite Liang's efforts

WHIS, HOU -- The Shorties have possibly lost standout (F) Michael Liu for the season (ankle), but that didn't stop them from getting their 4th win this season. There's no surprise that DYN (G) Rick Liang (38 pts) can score in bunches, and he delivered again for the once again short-handed Warriors. This one started out fast. Both teams were hot early and started racking up the points. The Warriors struggled with SBS' size while the Shorties struggled with DYN's speed on the perimeter. Neither team could pull alway and it looked like it was going to be a battle down to the wire. Led by floor captain SBS (G) Kenny Phan (team-high 8 asts), the Shorties took a small 3 pt lead going into the 2nd.
Dynasty Warriors (2-3)
Short but Slow (4-2)
Top Performers
Dynasty Warriors
Short but Slow
R. Liang
Pts: 38
Reb: 3
Ast: 0
Stl: 2
Blk: 0
J. Madamba
Pts: 18
Reb: 10
Ast: 2
Stl: 3
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points R. Liang 38
J. Madamba 18
Rebounds K. Nguyen 11
K. Wang 13
Assists A. Hsieh 8
K. Phan 8
Steals [3 players] 2
J. Madamba 3
Blocks Wong 1
K. Phan 1


DYN (G) Rick Liang scored a career-high 38 pts this week. Teammate DYN (G) Aaron Hsieh assisted on 8 shots, a career-high.

SBS (F) JP Madamba (18 pts and 10 rebs) tallied career-highs in both pts and rebs while also pulling in his first career double-double. Teammate SBS (G) Kenny Phan was held under double-digit scoring for the first time this season.
The first half featured a Warrior team that was scoring by committee. While Liang was able to hit his jumpers, teammates DYN (F) David Wong and (G) Kevon Nguyen chipped in on both the half court set and on the break. The Warriors got out in the open court and took shorts early in the clock trying to tire out the SBS bigmen. However, the Shorties can run, too. Since Liu went down, swingman SBS (G) Felix Chik (14 pts) has stepped up on both ends of the court, and he did so again against the Warriors. Phan pushed the ball and found an open Chik several times. A couple of careless TOs and bad shot selection by DYN allowed for SBS to slightly build upon their lead and went into the half up by 5 pts.

DYN came out hot to open the 2nd half. SBS went big, and DYN took advantage of their lack in size. Liang continued to score  lighting up the SBS defense from all areas of the floor. However, SBS refused to go down without a fight. The Warriors eventually took a small lead late in the 3rd qtr and seemingly stole the momentum, but SBS (F) JP Madamba (18 pts and 10 rebs) stepped up his game and willed his team back. During a crucial timeout, Chik was doing all he could to fire up his team, and it seemed to work. as SBS went into the 4th qtr down by only 1 pt.

The 4th qtr was an exciting one. There were 4 or 5 lead changes in this qtr alone showing that neither team would go down easily. Both teams showed resilience. SBS switched to a box-1 zone to try and stop Liang, but DYN (G) Aaron Hsieh (team-high 8 asts) was able to penetrate the more open defense and create opportunities for himself as well as his teammates. Down by 2 pts, Hsieh drove it  in and finished strong drawing the foul and 1. But the very next play, Madamba answered with a 3 FG of his own and got fouled.  A few possessions later, and a few missed FTs later, DYN got a stop that they desperately needed and pushed the ball into the open court. Hsieh penetrated and dished to a wide open Liang and sank the 3 FG putting them up by 1 pt. However, the very next possession, SBS (C) Kelvin Wang got the ball in the post and made an easy layup completely deflating the Warriors and stealing all the momentum. DYN called a timeout but was unable to get a good shot out of it. SBS sneaked away with one winning by 1 pt. -- The Jet


Dynasty Warriors vs Short but Slow

Team H1 H2 OT Total
Dynasty Warriors2835 - 63
Short but Slow3331 - 64


Dynasty Warriors
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Rick Liang14-32 [0.438]8-16 [0.500]2-2 [1.000]30200038
David Wong3-14 [0.214]1-4 [0.250]1-2 [0.500]6111128
Aaron Hsieh2-6 [0.333]0-2 [0.000]1-1 [1.000]1820225
Kevon Nguyen2-6 [0.333]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]11420234
Tony Jia2-5 [0.400]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]6110024
IVC SUB (4) 2-4 [0.500]0-2 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]7001024
Hong WengDNP
Sanjay GeorgeDNP
Kyle Cheung0-5 [0.000]0-5 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]4220310
Totals25-72 [0.347]9-29 [0.310]4-5 [0.800]381610281263

Short but Slow
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
JP Madamba7-14 [0.500]4-5 [0.800]0-4 [0.000]102301218
Felix Chik5-13 [0.385]3-6 [0.500]1-2 [0.500]31102114
Kelvin Wang6-11 [0.545]0-0 [0.000]1-2 [0.500]132003113
Kenny Phan4-11 [0.364]1-6 [0.167]0-0 [0.000]7811219
Harris Chi3-11 [0.273]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]8200126
John Sundara2-5 [0.400]0-3 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]2110114
Michael LiuDNP
Eric Lu0-3 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]3000200
Elvin Wan0-2 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]2010210
Nhat NguyenDNP
Totals27-70 [0.386]8-20 [0.400]2-8 [0.250]48167114964


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