Premier Division

1st Division


2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (4-1)
2. SK War Dog (4-1)

. Guard Me Maybe (3-1)
4. Thunder (3-2)

5. Gritty FOB City (2-3)

6. Tri-State InvAsian (2-3)

7. Shawty Likes the Way (1-3)
8. Space Jam (0-5)

Occidental Conference
1. MediaBrix (4-1)
2. Just Rise (4-1)
3. TAP NY (4-1)
4. Raptors (3-2)
5. NYC Gritty Committee (2-3)
6. Sex Panthers (2-3)
7. Japan United (1-4)

8. Goon Squad (0-5)




Panthers win big against short-handed Wasabis

Sex Panthers (1-0)
Wasabis (0-1)
Top Performers
Sex Panthers
Richard Basa
Pts: 29
Reb: 2
Ast: 3
Stl: 0
Blk: 0
Tim Lebita
Pts: 19
Reb: 3
Ast: 6
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points R. Basa 29
T. Lebita 19
Rebounds C. Mouton 13
T. Jia 2
Assists K. Phan 9
Lebita/Kan 6
Steals K. Phan 2
Lebita/Kan 1
Blocks Phan/Nguyen 2


SXP (G) Richard Basa scored a career-high 29 pts with a FBHOU record 7 3FGs. Teammate (G) Felix Chick (10 pts and 10 rebs) recorded his first career regular season double-double.

WAS (C) Tony Jia recorded his first career FBHOU double-double. Teammate (G) Tomson Kan tallied a career-high 6 asts.
WHIS, Houston -- This game didn't look good from the start. The Wasabis played with only 3 of their roster members, bringing in a sub to prevent a reschedule, and got blown out. It was already a tall task to defeat the Panthers, who have a ton of experience playing together, but with only 4 players, it was virtually impossible. Led by (G) Richard Basa (game-high 29 pts), SXP took a commanding 25-9 lead at the end of the 1st qtr.

Displaying his consistency from deep, Basa continued to let it rain all game. WAS (G) Tim Lebita (19 pts and 6 asts) and company, however, never quit. Despite the odds, they fought every possession until the final second ticked off. Teammate (G) Tomson Kan scored off of penetration while (C) Tony Jia did all he could in the post.

As fatigue set in, SXP took advantage in transition. Being up 1 man, 1 guard constantly leaked out for an easy lay-up. SXP (G) Felix Chik (10 pts and 10 rebs) and (C) Aaron Tsai (14 pts) scored easily as the 4-man zone broke after several swings.

This game was definitely no contest, but you can't fault the Wasabis for trying. They were able to punch the lead down to 12 at one point but were unable to build on that as SXP subbed in a fresh set of legs. Despite the injuries, SXP is still a very strong team and will definitely make a run at the chip. -- "The Jet"


Sex Panthers vs Wasabis

Team H1 H2 OT Total
Sex Panthers4646 - 92
Wasabis2335 - 58


Sex Panthers
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Richard Basa11-19 [0.579]7-14 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]23001129
Kenny Phan8-15 [0.533]1-7 [0.143]0-0 [0.000]59201017
Aaron Tsai5-10 [0.500]3-4 [0.750]1-2 [0.500]52010014
Felix Chik4-9 [0.444]0-2 [0.000]2-2 [1.000]106004210
Michael Lu4-8 [0.500]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]4201108
Kevon Nguyen4-4 [1.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]5620108
Chris Mouton3-4 [0.750]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]13300016
Billy LeDNP
Michael LiuDNP
Totals39-69 [0.565]11-28 [0.393]3-4 [0.750]4431428492

Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
WAR SUB (1) 8-19 [0.421]4-9 [0.444]0-0 [0.000]42101020
Tim Lebita8-24 [0.333]3-12 [0.250]0-1 [0.000]36102019
Tony Jia5-10 [0.500]0-0 [0.000]0-2 [0.000]130000110
Tomson Kan4-17 [0.235]1-4 [0.250]0-2 [0.000]9610409
Edgardo AvelarDNP
Chris VuDNP
Robert HoDNP
Joey TengDNP
Jeffrey ChaoDNP
LeQuan NguyenDNP
Andrew DNP
Rick LiangDNP
Henry DuDNP
Totals25-70 [0.357]8-25 [0.320]0-5 [0.000]2914307158


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