Premier Division

1st Division


2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (4-1)
2. SK War Dog (4-1)

. Guard Me Maybe (3-1)
4. Thunder (3-2)

5. Gritty FOB City (2-3)

6. Tri-State InvAsian (2-3)

7. Shawty Likes the Way (1-3)
8. Space Jam (0-5)

Occidental Conference
1. MediaBrix (4-1)
2. Just Rise (4-1)
3. TAP NY (4-1)
4. Raptors (3-2)
5. NYC Gritty Committee (2-3)
6. Sex Panthers (2-3)
7. Japan United (1-4)

8. Goon Squad (0-5)




Dane leads Devils in season opener

Dynasty Warriors (0-1)
Red Devils (1-0)
Top Performers
Dynasty Warriors
Red Devils
J. Gonzalez
Pts: 9
Reb: 7
Ast: 0
Stl: 1
Blk: 3
Pts: 22
Reb: 10
Ast: 1
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
Game Leaders
Points J. Gonzalez 9
Dane 22
Rebounds J. Gonzalez 7
Dane/Park 10
Assists A. Hsieh 2
E. Park 5
Steals Hsieh/Tran 2
K. Kim 2
Blocks J. Gonzalez 3
J. Lee 2


RDV (F) Dane (22 pts and 10 rebs) recorded his first career FBHOU double-double in his first career FBHOU game.
WHIS, Houston -- Both teams struggled early on in this one. Neither team seemed to be able to establish any rhythm early on, and it showed. However, led by FCL (F) Dane (game-high 22 pts and 10 rebs), FCL was able to utilize their athleticism and establish a small lead at the end of the 1st qtr.

DYN (G) Aaron Hsieh struggled from the field and his team suffered because of it. The lack of chemistry in DYN showed as they could not get it going offensively. DYN (F) Jerry Gonzalez (9 pts) kept the Warriors in it, but it didn't look good.

The 2nd half was all Devils. A slew of TOs and lack in communication on defense led to easy baskets for RDV. RDV (G) Andrew Koller (3 asts) and (G) Kenneth Kim (team-high 4 asts) broke down the defense and fed teammates (C) Joab Lee and Dane for easy buckets. The Devils also crashed the boards hard coming up with multiple multi-shot possessions.

The tough, grind-it-out style of play that the Warriors were known for last season was absent this game. The Warriors struggled to get a rhythm going on offense all game, and it really hurt their flow. Luckily, the season is long, so there will be time, otherwise it's going to be a very long season for the Warriors.

RDV looked strong at the end of the game. Dane had a field day on the glass as did Lee. The Devils were patient on offense, and it payed off netting a victory in their season opener. -- "The Jet"


Dynasty Warriors vs Red Devils

Team H1 H2 OT Total
Dynasty Warriors1322 - 35
Red Devils1434 - 48


Dynasty Warriors
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Jerry Gonzalez4-9 [0.444]0-1 [0.000]1-2 [0.500]7013219
Devin Baptiste2-4 [0.500]2-3 [0.667]1-2 [0.500]2001107
Aaron Hsieh0-8 [0.000]0-5 [0.000]6-7 [0.857]3220116
JP Madamba2-7 [0.286]0-4 [0.000]1-4 [0.250]2010105
Kevin Tran2-4 [0.500]0-2 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]1120104
Joseph Roland1-3 [0.333]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]6112022
James Tao0-1 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]2-6 [0.333]3200302
Jeff TuDNP
Vu NguyenDNP
Hong Weng0-4 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]4110210
Totals11-40 [0.275]2-17 [0.118]11-21 [0.524]2878611535

Red Devils
Name FG [%] 3PT [%] FT [%] R A S B T F PTS
Dane Button9-18 [0.500]0-1 [0.000]4-7 [0.571]101102122
Andrew Koller4-14 [0.286]3-8 [0.375]1-1 [1.000]33301112
Kenneth Kim3-8 [0.375]1-2 [0.500]0-1 [0.000]3420217
Joab Lee3-8 [0.375]0-1 [0.000]1-2 [0.500]7302257
Eddie Park0-4 [0.000]0-1 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]10510520
Chris KwonDNP
Vu NguyenDNP
Philip ChunDNP
Andrew Yoo0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0-0 [0.000]0000120
Peter KimDNP
Totals19-52 [0.365]4-13 [0.308]6-11 [0.545]331672131248


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